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Size Matters Handwriting Program Workshop

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The Size Matters Handwriting Program Webinar Series


Part 1: Introduction, Research, Key Concepts. Part 1 reviews the background, research and Key Concepts. (2.0 hours)

Part 2: Implementation Options (including using SMHP as a push-in Collaborative Model, Pullout Therapeutic Intervention, Stand Alone Curriculum, Handwriting Club, Center Time Activity, Home Program and for RTI). Part 2 covers implementation options, including how to use SMHP as a push-in collaborative model, pullout intervention, stand alone curriculum (referencing the Written Language Production Standards), center time activity, home program and for Response to Intervention. (2.5 hours)

Part 3: Assessment and Interpretation, Goal Writing and Progress Monitoring. Part 3 discusses assessment and data collection including administration and interpretation of the Intake, IEP goal writing and progress monitoring. (2.5)