Life After Video Games

Yes, there is more to life than that which ends at the tips of one’s thumbs.

Many kids today only know how to entertain themselves in front of a colorful monitor. Don’t get me wrong. I actually don’t have a problem with handheld interactive video games… to a point. It’s all about moderation. But unless kids are turned onto the options, they’re likely to continue ramping up their ‘engine levels’ through endless thumb work.

And sometimes, what they really need, is to learn how to ramp it down.

Want an alternative that can be done for hours, is productive, relaxing and positive?

Hope you’re sitting. You’re not going to believe this. It sounds too ‘Little House on the Prairie’-like to be true.

It’s crafts. Yep. I’m talking needles and yarn, loops and looms, beads and string, leather and lace.

The amazing thing is that kids don’t know how much they’ll like it until they do it. Especially those rhythmical ones whose repetitive motions lull the mind and body into a Zen state.

It’s been my experience that once kids are turned onto crafts, they invariably ask to do them again and again. They even like taking them out to the playground, working on them during recess and continuing on the weekend. From kindergartners to high school, hyperactive students to impulsive ones, those emotionally disconnected to others riddled with anxiety disorders. It’s a winning alternative for all.

Stay tuned for some easy, affordable and proven ideas.