Naked Walls

Tabula Rasa

The blank slate.
That’s the look we’re going for on the first day of school.
While many teachers work frantically to cover the walls of the classrooms before the school year begins, much of their effort is in vain. Children often never notice the colorful posters, let alone the instructive advice. It’s stimulus overload.
Proactive therapists can help teachers avoid the pressures to become interior designers. Instead, suggest that nothing be displayed until the information contained therein is properly introduced to the students and understood.
Then, with the children’s full attention and at their direction, hang each display one at a time over the course of weeks and months. A little to the right. A little higher or lower. Getting the kids involved in these decorative placement decisions builds their investment in the materials and the chance that they might actually access them when they needed.
Looking out for your teachers pays off in dividends. Who knows… one day you may have an informational poster of your own that you’d like your students to reference.