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Pilot or Research SMHP in your School

Thank you for the opportunity to share the Size Matters Handwriting Program.

Pilot or Research SMHP in your School

Are you a doctoral candidate interested in researching handwriting? Are you at a school interested in experiencing the efficacy the Size Matters Handwriting Program approach? Are you an administrator making curriculum decisions regarding which handwriting program to purchase?

Please fill out the following form so we can help. Someone from ROTS will be in contact with you.

Tell us about your proposed Pilot or Research Study
Purpose of the Pilot/Research Study (Check all that apply and explain.)
If the study is in pursuit of a professional education:
Have you completed an IRB?
Is there going to be a control classroom?
Regular or special education?
Do the students have IEPs?
Are permissions needed?
Are you willing to share your results?
Are you pursuing publishing your results?
Contact information for lead academic investigator(s):
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Studying period
An Affiliate will contact you soon. In the meantime, obtain permissions from your Administrators and Parents. Identify a Control Classroom that will be comparable to the Pilot Study group. Pilot Studies can be as short as 4 weeks or as long as a school year.

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