Master Guide


Featuring the cleanest looking writing paper on the market, the Master Guide contains a compilation of over 100 different writing paper layouts in a spiral-bound reference book. The pages are suitable for copying and feature multiple layouts per grade.
NOTE: The Master Guide is extra long so the spiral does not show in the copier!!

The Cleanest writing paper on the market!

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  • Line rulings are consistent with standard pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first, second, and third grade paper
  • Master Guidelines pages describe the various options per grade level
  • Over one hundred different ready to copy papers
  • Thickened and darkened bottom lines
  • Specialty paper can be used for homework, spelling tests and more


Index tabs note:

  • Vertical or horizontal layout
  • Number of writing lines
  • Presence of left or right margin lines
  • Presence of figure starters and/or starting points
  • Presence of thickened bottom line, including point thickness

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