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Practical Strategies

Practical Strategies for Increasing the Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Impact of your School-based Occupational Therapy practice.
Practical Strategies
All webinars are not refundable.

From low to no to high tech options, revisit the art and science that made our profession so great in the first place.  Learn new approaches to teaching printing, cutting and drawing skills, as well as environmental strategies that appeal to teaches and kids. (.6 CEUs)

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Implement evidence-based strategies to increase participation in classroom/school
  • Describe strategies to gain control of caseload numbers and daily schedule
  • Recall research-based delivery models, including inclusive programming
  • Integrate occupational therapy sensibilities into the daily workday
  • Modify and expand your bag of tricks with adaptations, accommodations, interventions & technologies ranging from inexpensive to free.  We’ll even make some today!
  • Individualize curricular materials and environments to promote optimal learning
  • Differentiate treatment options for ‘sensory seekers’, hyperactive or labile children 
  • Discuss more effective ways to communicate with the entire IEP team

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