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Timesaving Strategies

Timesaving Strategies to Integrate your OT Interventions into Classrooms and Accelerate the Success of your school-based OT Practice

Timesaving Strategies

Timesaving Strategies for Integrating OT
All webinars are not refundable.

A jam-packed fun day of learning, this workshop combines Best Practices with evidence to ensure therapists become leaders within their schools.  Move into the future with information that promotes participation, function, and access throughout classrooms, schools, home, and communities. (.6 CEUs)

  • At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Discuss and describe the difference between Caseload and Workloads
  • Identify and list authentic opportunities to integrate OT interventions into classrooms across the curriculum and work collaboratively with teachers 
  • Critique and use rubrics or goal-attainment scaling for measurable data collection
  • Reiterate and select goals, accommodations and Specially designed Instruction that support function and participation
  • Reference the WATI-Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative to identify and select affordable low and high-tech options for ensuring students’ success

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