Realistic, Fiscally Responsible and Embeddable Handwriting Program

0001q3The beauty in having a handwriting program that doesn’t rely on a set instructional time and/or a workbook for every grade for every student for every year is economy. It’s economy of cost, of time and of energy.

The Size Matters Handwriting Program was born of the realities facing all of us school-based Occupational Therapists.

There is no time.

There is no money.

And teachers are truly struggling to cover all the content needed to secure proficient scores on all the mandated state and national tests.

Unfortunately, research shows that handwriting is not a self-evident skill. It needs to be taught and it needs to be practiced. But practice in a vacuum is itself meaningless.

For there to be follow-through by teachers and carryover by students, the principles germane to legibility need to be do-able within the context of the already pressing academic schedules.

With a concept-driven approach to teaching and remediating handwriting, our mission to promote function and participation is exponentially easier. The Key Concepts are simple. The Rules are memorable. The Dice Game is fun. The materials are reusable. The Scoring is empowering.

The teachers who have always said that they believe in handwriting instruction but couldn’t figure out how to fit it into their day will say to you, “I can do this.”

This is not rocket science. But it is a new and different way of reaching the end goal. And it works.

More to come.

We’ve got some singing and dancing in our future!!