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Real OT Solutions is a strong advocate for evidence-based practice.  We often collaborate with universities around the country to develop studies to test the efficacy of our approaches, data collection, materials, etc.  Many of the lead investigators seek to broaden the demographics of their studies by enlisting participants from different geographic areas.  If you would like your name to be added to a list for future studies, please fill out the form below:


NEW! Latest Research

Effectiveness of a Handwriting Intervention With At-Risk Kindergarteners

NEW!! Pilot Study for SMHP

Piloting Study with Size Matters Handwriting Program

Piloting is a great way to share the effectiveness and ease with which the Size Matters Handwriting Program promotes legibility. If you are considering a Pilot Study, talk first to your administrators. You may need to get permission.

Parent Permission Letter for the Pilot Study

Evidence Briefs

AOTA on Copying and Tracking
Individualized training in copying and tracking may improve children’s skills in these areas and in handwriting

AOTA on Self-Instruction
Self-instruction may improve children’s handwriting skills

AOTA on Classroom Interaction
Direct service and collaborative consultation with classroom teacher are beneficial in delivering occupational therapy services in schools

AOTA on Handwriting
Systematic, individualized training in copying, tracing, and tracking may improve children’s handwriting

Special Interest Quarterly

Early Intervention and Schools

16.1: Handwriting in the Schools
Challenges and Solutions

17.1: Teachers (Part 1)
Perceptions of School-Based Occupational Therapy Consultation

17.2: Teachers (Part 2)
Perceptions of School-Based Occupational Therapy Consultation

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