Research Manuscript Update

What an eye-opening experience this has been!

The time elapsing from the formulation of a research question to implementation of an actual study, analysis of the data, literature review, write-up and finally publication spans so many years that I’m in awe of anyone who makes it to the end.

At this point now, we’ve written and rewritten our manuscript multiple times to respond to the concerns of the initial reviewers.  All valid points, they felt as if we had not done a convincing job explaining the importance of handwriting in the 21st century as well as what the control groups were doing while the treatment group was learning about letter sizes.

Towards that end, we added statistics on the impact of the Common Core on handwriting instruction.  Its absence of any reference to handwriting beyond first grade compels school districts across the country to relegate instruction to an incidental approach.  And in fact, that’s how we described what the control group was doing.  It wasn’t ignored, but there was no formal lesson plan either.

We also added the MRI studies by Dr. Karin James.  In graphic detail, she acknowledged the significant difference in brain activity for children taught to print versus those simply taught to recognize letters or to keyboard.

And so the waiting begins again.  I’ll let you know further feedback as soon as I do.