Singin’ and Dancin’

Clearly, I’m not getting any awards for song writing. But this is the sound bite that the kids, teachers and I repeat over and over again. It’s memorable. It’s short and sweet. And it brings home the concepts like nobody’s business.

It’s THE RULES for Letter Size, and the one for Size One letters goes like this:

First, the hand motions. Poke the sky at eye level when you say ‘Top Line.’ Poke the sky at chest level when you say ‘Bottom Line.’ Then, imagine yourself twirling one finger skyward with the word ‘higher’ and spiraling downward with the word ‘lower.’ Lastly, conjure up your best hula dance as you flutter you arms in front of you… floating out to sea.

And a one, and a two, and one, two, three….

Size One Letters

They have to touch the Top Line.

They have to touch the Bottom Line.

They can’t go higher.

They can’t go lower.

And they can’t float in the middle.

Yes. I know what you’re going to say. Don’t quit your day job.

But you’ve never seen me dance!