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Focus on SIZE and FORM will follow.
This unique directive distinguishes the SIZE MATTERS HANDWRITING PROGRAM as the most efficient way of promoting printing consistency and competence. More than a font, it is the big picture that enables children to see their writing as a whole, rather than merely individual letters. Using straightforward Key Concepts and ʻtactileʼ visuals, children know what theyʼre aiming for and how to get there. Not only that, THE DICE GAME puts control in the childrenʼs hands, emboldening them to make STAR-WORTHY letters and earn PERFECT SCORES. The result is practically overnight legibility.

SMHP is a full curriculum that is also fiscally responsible. For beginner printers, consumable workbooks are suggested. But in higher grades, the necessary materials are few and recyclable year to year. Use the language from your own literacy, social studies, science or other academic program.

Size Matters Handwriting Program easily complements and supplements existing curriculum. This makes it especially appropriate for todayʼs schools in which handwriting instruction has been marginalized and yet the number of handwriting referrals has skyrocketing. By reinforcing the Key Concepts during spelling and vocabulary lessons, children practice printing all day long.

Plus, children are scored using familiar and meaningful words, phrasing and sentences. Tracking accuracy in letter sizes and spaces is calculated through simple ratios. Data collection has never been faster than with Progress Monitoring Forms A and B.

Reflective of best practices, SMHP employs all the strategies proven most effective in impacting change, including child-centered treatment, multi-sensory input, memorable mnemonics, embedded instruction, self-monitoring, frequent visual cuing, parent/teacher involvement and more.

The Size Matters Handwriting Program has been the subject of an extensive research study involving two schools–one urban (Massachusetts) and one rural (New York). Two classrooms each in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades, a control group and an intervention group, followed an 8-week protocol. The difference was dramatic and immediate, showing a clear, measurable and significant advantage (p<.001 for legibility, form, alignment and size) for the students involved in SMHP. The published results are forthcoming in several professional journals.

The teachers in the control groups could not wait to start the program when the study was done. The therapist, teachers and parents concluded:
Correcting errors in letter size makes an immediate difference in the appearance of a student’s writing.

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Workshops can be tailored to your organization’s needs. Workshop can be provided in 1 hour, 2 hour and 3.5 hour time units. Certificates of attendance are provided and reflect the number of contact hours.

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These handwriting programs can help homeschoolers and elementary students alike and helps student handwriting.


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