Stay Tuned!

Coming Soon!

We’d hoped to debut at the 94th AOTA conference in Baltimore this past week. But an unfortunate fall by our mechanical engineer left our momentum minus two much-needed upper extremity limbs.

The good news is that Joe is on the mend… thanks to his Occupational Therapists! Imagine that. And he’s gaining strength, range of motion and mobility daily. The fractures of both his left humerus and his right radius are healing on schedule.

But despite his hospitalization, he’s been in steady contact with the manufacturers and other professionals poised to finalize this exciting new product.

Charged with bringing to market a product that is:

  1. Child-proof
  2. Low profile
  3. Installs quickly
  4. Quiet
  5. Affordable… and most importantly,
  6. Provides needed sensory relief for our impulsive, sensory seekers, anxious, hyperactive or struggling students

… Joe assures us that “He’s got that covered!”

Stay tuned for this game-changing accommodation poised to impact attention, focus and academic scores!