“All I can say is Size Matters Handwriting Program, not only made helping my students with their handwriting fun and exciting for them, it did for me!!! I am now the Handwriting OT Fairy! I love working on handwriting again and so do my students. The resource Teachers I have shared these concepts with are using it with ALL their students. Why should only OT students have success. Parents that are not on the OT caseload are asking the campus staff what are you doing? My child’s handwriting is so much better. The Resource Teachers are telling them they are applying The Size Matters Handwriting Program that the OT shared with them. I have had students get upset if they thought I was not going to see them that day for handwriting (it was a student that had every other week sessions). I saw them because I feel you feed the drive to learn.

My student’s are motivated and honest when it comes to evading their own work with this program. They always want to try again to improve their letters!”

— Tammy Shirley


“Next to the week long course with Jean Ayres, this is the Best Conference I have attended in 35 years as a school OT.”

Eileen Bushell, Palatine School District 15, IL

“Great affordable ideas to use in the classroom.”

Lesli Letke, IL

“Dr. Moskowitz really understands the day-to-day demands of working in schools and offers practical, usable suggestions for decreasing the workload and increasing satisfaction.”

Nannette Clark, Somersworth, NH

“’Practical’ is the key word—thanks, Dr. Moskowitz!”

Janet Wetherbee, Merrimack, NH

“Bev tailored the information to her audience. She provided a lot of common sense solutions to common classroom/school “OT issues.” Bev gave many simple-to-do activities to enhance an OT’s value to the team, simple activities to incorporate in the classroom to support the teacher and the child in their education goals. Fun and entertaining on top of informative!”

Kelli O’Sullivan, Saranac Lake, NY

“An excellent seminar. Dr. Moskowitz presented dozens of useful strategies, materials and ideas. Learned a couple things never presented to me in other seminars. Thank you!”

— Michael Zimmerman, Port Jervis, NY

“This was one of the best seminars I have attended.”

Kimberly Coons, Scotia, NY

“The second graders immediately understood the size concept and loved the dice game. It was awesome to see!”

Emily Bisson, Sanford, ME

“The teachers can’t believe how quickly the kids caught on.”

Tammy Murray, Worcester, MA

“I’ll never teach another method of handwriting again. The change was immediate.”

Linda Fisher, Huntingdon Valley, PA

“I’ve been using the Letter Sizes with my students. The difference is incredible.”

Suzanne Warnalis, Willow Grove, PA

“The students amaze me. They are highly motivated to make their letters Star-Worthy every time!”

Kelly Poje, Otego, NY

“Bev rocks!”

Traci Calderera, Fort Smith, AR

“This course is fantastic. I love how Bev took me through the whole process—evaluation, treatment techniques, push-in, and RTI support.”

— Lauren Albey, Bentonville, AR

“So today, all recharged from POTA, I decided to try out my new Size Matters handwriting techniques. I was a little skeptical because the class I wanted to pilot with is soooo low (they are a disabled kindergarten class and only had substitute teachers last year, not being able to find a full time teacher). They are so behind with letter skills, number skills, coloring, cutting, and just basic knowledge they should be demonstrating. Its frustrating for the new teacher to determine where to start. She’s great and very open minded so always asking for my opinion on what to do. I haven’t fully read your manual yet, but I remember your three rules during the presentation for capital letters (we used it for numbers today too), “don’t go above the line, don’t go below the line, NO FLOATING (wiggle hand movements included)!” The kids LOVE the song by the way, and all they want to do is get star worthy letters/numbers! I WAS SHOCKED! THEY PICKED UP ON IT SOOO FAST!!! I’m hooked! Today I just did it with some of my kids adapting as needed (tracing my lines, making the lower line thicker), they all did so great with it! They were even self correcting, and erasing without me telling them they needed to be fixed! AMAZING!”

Danielle Fitzpatrick, MS, OTR/L, Orange Township Board of Education, Orange, NJ

“Beverly is a warm, wise, nurturing, effusive and funny presenter. She and her materials were highly organized, practical and meaningful. I’m highly appreciative of all the materials provided and Beverly’s generosity. As a seasoned school OTR, I felt validated and inspired. This course should be required for all entry level school-based OTRs. Thank you Bev for making me proud to be an OT!”

Bernadette Wiemer, Orange, MA

“Bev tailored the information to her audience. She gave simple To Do activities to enhance an OT’s value to the team, simple activities to incorporate in the classroom. Fun and entertaining on top of informative!”

Kelli O’Sullivan, Saranac Lake, NY