Who are you taking?

Earnestness aside, I still shudder when I walk into a classroom and the teacher says, “Who are you taking?”

You too, huh?!

While I certainly appreciate how overwhelmed teachers feel with a class full of Life Skills children and how determined they are to make sure they get the OT services promised in their IEP, I realize that a hefty amount of convincing is still needed before teachers waver from their tightly scripted day.

So how does one do that?

The good news is that there is no easier place to integrate yourself into the curriculum than the Life Skill classroom. Here, fine motor, cognitive, perceptual and social skill development are often already at the heart of the program. No reason then to do your magic anywhere else.

Stay tuned for some great ideas that marry your therapy objectives with the teacher’s.   After all, what could be better than turning work into play?