Morning Bev! I'm working with a stroke patient who wants to be able to write with her non-dominant hand. I struggled with how to get her to legibly write when she wasn't tracing a letter, and then I remembered your program! We started talking about appropriate sizes of letters and her ligibility dramatically improved very quickly. Just wanted to share and say thank you! She is thrilled at her progress so far!

Sarah Edlin

Size Matters Handwriting Program "I've been using the Letter Sizes with my students. The difference is incredible."

Suzanne Warnalis 

Will Grove, PA

Size Matters Handwriting Program "I have been introducing your program in two K classrooms this year and myself as well as the teachers are really LOVING it!! It's fantastic to our students catching on to size concepts and make great progress!!"

Denise Campbell

Riverside, OH

I pretty much only use the size matters paper. It is the absolute best in my opinion! 

Shonda Smith

Size Matters is the best handwriting program I've used. I've shown it to all my teachers, and many of them have taken me up on co-teaching a short lesson to the whole class! It's enabled me to do a lot of really learning cool collaborative things with students both on and off my caseload. No other technique I've used has shown such quick results. I also like that the program concepts are easily teachable to my students with learning disabilities.  And I love that the program is so embeddable into other curricula and that there aren't a ton of prohibitive start up costs. It has really helped to get my teachers on board.

Devon Breithart
I’ve just been using a few concepts from SMHP and have already had some really great success with a few students, plus a change in attitude toward even working on handwriting.
Genny Cook
Aspen, Colorado
The students amaze me.  They are highly motivated to make their letters  Star-Worthy every time!
Kelly Poje, OTR/L   
Otego, NY
Spaghetti and meatballs is a hit!
Eileen Bushell, OTR/L
Chicago, IL
I’ve been using the Letter Sizes with my students. The difference is incredible!
Suzanne Warnalis, OTR/L
Willow Grove, PA
I’ll never teach another method of handwriting again! The change was immediate.
Linda Fisher, 1st grade teacher
Huntingdon Valley, PA

 Beverly is a warm, wise, nurturing, effusive and funny presenter. She and her materials were highly organized, practical and meaningful. 

Bernadette Wiemer

Orange, MA

I use the SMHP in Madison County Schools in Georgia. In many cases results are seen within just one or two sessions. Parents like the easy application as well. And my students like  the Dice Game and the adaptations.

Sara Blesch Harpe, OT

Owensboro, KY

Thanks Beverly!  And thank you for all you do! Your program is brilliant,  and I use it all the time!  Nathania Rachel McNally, OT

Pleasanton, CA

 Instantaneous results!

Greg Santucci, ORT/L

I have been introducing your program in two K classrooms this year and myself as well as the teachers are really LOVING it!! It’s fantastic to our students catching on to size concepts and make great progress.

Denise Campbell,

OT Riverside OH

I just left an IEP meeting where the guardian said she thought the child brought home someone else's work because his handwriting improved so much.

Donna Jo Kennedy

Somerville, NJ

Absolutely size matters! Simple, fun, effective! Fast results and so easy to embed during school day. Learn 3 rules for letter size instead of 62 rules on how to form letters! Program designed around idea of focusing on letter and number size and form will follow! Thanks Bev for an amazing handwriting program!

Patricia Calcaro, OT

Chittenango, NY

The teachers can't believe how quickly the kids caught on.

Tammy Murray, DOT, MEd OTR/L

Worcester, MA

I just wanted to let you know that I tried the "size 1,2,3 letter" strategies with my group this morning and I saw more improvement in one session than I have seen all year! The kids GOT IT. They understood it, it made sense to them, and they were SELFCORRECTING their work!! I am sooo happy and grateful for the opportunity to attend your seminar and utilize some of the strategies that you gave us, so thank you for that!

North Rockland Central School

I took your course in Newburgh this past Monday and have been implementing strategies all week!!! The next day in my handwriting group I told the kids to "touch" their lines and their printing was so much neater. One of my students came back with his handwriting homework the next day and said that his parents couldn't believe that it was his writing!!

Susan J. King, OTR/L

Cornwall, NY

All they have to do is ask a teacher or parent who has been using your concept and they will hear them praise your program!

Eileen Bushell

Palatine, IL

I have used the SMHP during last school year and I love it! And most importantly the kids love it! I have had so much success with this program with all of my kids, but one in particular comes to mind. I have tried everything from different paper to grips with no success. The very first time I introduced this to them most of their letters were inside the boxes.

Brittany Morel, COTA

Wabash, IN

The SMHP is the first program I have implemented that the kids are actually EXCITED to try and practice

Meghan Morse, OT

Owego, NY

Beverly, I just want you to know that I am using the paper, playing the dice game, talking about the size of the letters, and scoring their writing pages!!!! They all love it and I have seen changes already!!!!! Thank you for such an awesome program!!!!

Michele Pettenati, COTA/L

Cattaraugus Allegany BOCES

I only went to the SMHP workshop last week and I'm already getting impressed teacher wanted to know more!!! I cannot tell you how slack-jawed the teachers are. The kids will exclaim, "That's beautiful!" after they're done. And when we get back to class...oh...they used to just stuff their worksheets in a cubby and one along. But now we have to practice waiting our turn to show their teacher. I've never seen them so proud of themselves.

Haley JO Barrick, OTR

Kent, WA

“The second graders immediately understood the sizes concept and loved the dice game. It was awesome to see!”

Emily Bisson, OTR

Sanford, ME

I have positive feelings about implementing and trying to get some teachers if not some of my contracted districts on board with Size Matters. I am completely impressed with your energy. I so appreciate those that make therapy Fun! I also love the succinct and streamlined way your program is set up. It is also incredibly valuable to be able to use it in conjunction with a classroom curriculum. I am looking forward to sitting down with my COTA’s next week and putting an order together. I agree COTA’s are our right hands.

Kris Marciniak, OT

Safford, AZ

Thanks Beverly! And thank you for all you do! Your program is brilliant, and I use it all the time!

Nathania Rachel McNally, OT

Pleasanton, CA

Having so many years in practice, I frequently am disappointed....having learned nothing new. But your seminar was amazing. Next to the Ayres workshop I went to a zillion years ago, yours was the best!

Eileen Bushell, OTR/L

Palatine, IL

Dr. Moskowitz really understand the day-to-day demands of working in schools and offers practical, usable suggestions for decreasing the workload and increasing satisfaction

Nannette Clark

Somersworth, NH

Want you to know the Size Matter strategies definitely work.

Linda Boardsen, OT

Sterling, IL

I took your Practical Strategies for Improving the Effectiveness, Efficiency and Impact of Your SchoolBased OT Services course last spring when you were in Columbia, SC. In 17 years of being an OT, I have never taken a course and had so much immediate, practical information to use when I got home. I incorporated much of the SMHP strategies into my treatments last spring and saw much faster results than previously.

Beth Wood, OT

Greenwood, SC 

The SMHP is the first program I have implemented that the kids are actually EXCITED to try and practice making letters....Teachers pick up on the terminology quickly and generally I find they are supportive to use consistent language etc... As a therapist it’s the first handwriting program that I have ever been passionate about! Highly recommend to all...thank you Beverly Moskowitz!!

Meghan Morse, OT

Owego NY

This is a phenomenal program - one that I have seen great results. If you have a motivated 9th grader - then I'd definitely use size matters

Mary Bryda Santini

I just have to tell you, I've been using parts of the program for the last week with most of my students in Occupational Therapy Services. I have the biggest smile and feel like jumping for JOY when I write my notes. Most of my students can pick up on the easy/fun instructions. Almost all the letter spacing has improved with Spaghetti and Meatballs. Almost all the letter size has improved with the Size Numbering 1,2,3. IT'S A MIRACLE. Thanks a MILLION.

Del Alexander, COTA/L

Queen Creek, AZ

I had heard of the Size Matters Handwriting Program just prior to the AOTA conference in Chicago this past spring. I was able to speak with you at the conference, purchase a manual, and watch some YouTube videos. I recently purchased your self-study webinar series and am excited to learn more.

Karen Szatalowicz, MHS, OTR/L

C.A.S.E. Staff Occupational Therapist