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While nobody volunteers for catastrophe, Dr. Beverly Moskowitz redefined her views on parenting, relationships, communication, self-preservation and her professional role in the school setting due to life altering experiences. In a moving and yet, surprisingly funny address that resonates with our collective humanity, Dr. Bev exposes the ‘Secrets Behind Her Mask’. Whether a parent yourself of a special needs’ child or the professional dealing with one, her humorous take on tragedy will transform your practice, inform your interactions and give everyone permission to dance again.

In 2019, Dr. Bev joined the roster of memorable Keynote presenters with this thoughtful reflection on being both a provider and a consumer of therapeutic services.

This Keynote is an emotionally powerful, relatable and inspirational way to welcome any gathering of people confronting challenges. Its theme of acceptance, oneself and others, appears doable when reframed as a quality having not been mastered… yet!






Professionals working with children need to continually upgrade their skills in response to changes in legal mandates, licensure requirements, district policies, individual school procedures, Best Practice guidelines and evidence-based research in pediatric occupational therapy. Real OT Solutions®, professional development programs can help teachers and occupational therapists address the challenging needs of the children in their care to ensure successful participation throughout their schooling careers. 

Dr. Beverly Moskowitz and her team of Certified SMHP Instructors are available for onsite and online workshops, in-services and trainings for your schools, agencies or professional organizations. Our proven and practical, measurable and embeddable, engaging and fun professional development activities can easily be incorporated across the school curriculum.


Why Take a Continuing Education Workshop with Dr. Bev?

AOTA Provider

Dr. Beverly Moskowitz is a nationally recognized speaker with 43+ years of experience as an Occupational Therapist.  An approved provider of continuing education through the American Occupational Therapy, Dr. Bev hosts conducts onsite workshops and online webinars around the country.

Our professional development workshops help teachers and therapists adopt fun easy strategies to support handwriting while ensuring students become functional legible printers using SMHP. Additionally, Dr. Bev’s courses provide timesaving and practical strategies to integrate OT interventions into classroom, accelerate the success of your school-based practice, increase authentic impact and efficiency, and enhance professional competence and satisfaction. Earn professional development or CEU credits from Dr. Bev or her team of Certified SMHP Instructors.

If your school, agency or company would like to host a one or two-day workshop, write to Bev. Workshops and webinars can be scheduled at your convenience.

Real OT Solutions® currently offers a number of onsite continuing education courses, including:

  • Practical Strategies for Increasing the Effectiveness, Efficiency and Impact of your School-based Occupational Therapy Practice (.5 or .6 CEUs)
  • Time-saving Strategies to Integrate your OT Interventions into Classrooms and Accelerate the Success of your School-based Practice (.5 or .6 CEUs)
  • Size Matters® Handwriting Program: Proven. Practical. Measurable Embeddable. (.6 CEUs)
  • SMHP Therapist Certification course (.7 CEUs – 6 hours of on site training, plus one-hour posttest)

Real OT Solutions® offers online LIVE and remote professional development events, including:

  • SMHP Webinar series (.7 CEUs)
  • More webinars are in development
  • NOTE: LIVE remote education can be scheduled, upon request

Group Discounts are available. Contact julia@realotsolutions.com with questions or to schedule a training.

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