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Real OT Solutions develops evidence-based products and solutions and offers occupational therapy webinars and live workshops to teachers, therapists, and educators.

It is not always easy to make it to a seminar or a series of face-to-face classes and occupational therapy workshops. However, if you’re maintaining your license, need continuing education credits, and are committed to your professional development, you can still access the information and education you need through recorded or live webinars. 

The 3 Part SMHP Webinar series covers all of the necessary information about the Size Matters Handwriting Program, taught by Dr. Bev. Set your own schedule for the OT webinars and courses and learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home or office with our series of occupational therapy webinars for schoolteachers, educators, and other professionals who work with kids. Once you finish the 3-part series, browse our products to find easy, affordable, proven, and fun materials to use in your school or practice.

Our Occupational Therapist Webinars Offer Many Benefits to Professionals
Our occupational therapy webinars for further education provide significant benefits for professionals who are short on time but still desire to increase their knowledge. Benefits of webinars include: 
  1. Affordability. The OT live webinars for occupational therapists and educators are often more affordable than other types of training and there are no travel costs involved. Besides, you are mailed the handbook, lab materials, and other goodies.
  2. Convenience. As long as you have access to a computer, you can gain access to a wealth of information without leaving your physical location. 
  3. Efficiency. The self-study webinars are either 2 or 2 ½ hours in length.  You can watch them at your convenience, stop and start, as well as rewind and relisten.  The live webinars are jam-packed with information that is immediately usable.
  4. User-friendliness. You don’t need special equipment or advanced knowledge to access the training. In fact, you don’t even need additional materials to get started with SMHP!
  5. Long-term value. When you sign up for a webinar, you’ll acquire Best Practice knowledge or the concepts, strategies, research and materials that will make an immediate difference in your student’s ability to print legibly.   


The occupational therapy webinars for pediatric, preschool, and school professionals we host offer these benefits and more. 

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We Offer several Occupational Therapy Webinars in 3 Parts

The Size Matters Handwriting Program Webinar Series is offered as a three-part self-study series. By taking our CEU occupational therapy webinars in 3 parts, you can work through the material at your convenience. These webinars take you through everything from key concepts to implementation and assessment. 

If you’ve always wanted to learn about the SMHP, these occupational therapy webinars offered in 3 parts may be right for you. Contact us at 1-877-864-2010 to get more information on how you can advance your knowledge and practice your skills more efficiently. 

Best Practices in School is our second 3-part self-study webinar series. This includes three separate webinars:
  • Caseload to Workload
  • OT across the Curriculum
  • Movement, Mindfulness, Mudras and more

Each of these provides the viewers current information on how to be more effective, efficient, and impactful in their school-based OT practice.

If you are having trouble viewing our webinars, download VLC Media Player.

SMHP labs are dance parties!
We Can Organize Occupational Therapy Live Webinars for Your Organization, too.
At Real OT Solutions, we believe that teachers, therapists, and educators need to keep learning and improving their skills. This is the only way in which they can make a difference for the kids they work with.

This is why we are available to organize an occupational therapist workshop or webinar for your school or institution. Our mission is to help kids access their educational program, increase function, improve fine motor skills, and acquire functional legible printing, and this is done through you, the dedicated professionals working with them.

Contact us to discuss the opportunity of organizing OT live webinars for your team: 877-864-2010!