Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Real OT Solutions?

Real OT Solutions is a nationally recognized women’s owned enterprise and small business based in Philadelphia, PA.  It’s owner, Dr. Beverly Moskowitz, is a pediatric Occupational Therapist with 4+ decades of experience working with children, schools, teachers, therapists, and related professionals.  Dr. Moskowitz is a nationally renowned lecturer, researcher, and published author.  She is the author of the Size Matters Handwriting Program.

The OT in the name refers both to Occupational Therapy and Outstanding Teaching.

The products sold through ROTS are evidence-based and reflective of best practices according to the American Occupational Therapy Association, the ideals of IDEA, and current educational mandates.

What is the Size Matters Handwriting Program (SMHP)?

The Size Matters Handwriting Program is an evidence-based concept-driven approach to teaching and remediating handwriting.  Unlike other handwriting instructional programs, the focus is letter size versus letter form.  Research has shown that correction of letter size makes an immediate and visible difference in the consistency and appearance of the written page. Since there are only 3 different sizes in SMHP Manuscript, Size One (tall), Size Two (short), and Size Three (hanging) letters, children catch on quickly. Furthermore, when errors in letter size are corrected, form errors take care of themselves.
SMHP Cursive introduces a fourth size.

Does Real OT Solutions accept POs?

Yes. Purchase Orders can be submitted multiple ways:

  • Email attachment to:
  • Fax to: (215) 565-2700
  • USPS mail to 1517 Packer Avenue. Suite 100. Philadelphia, PA 19145

Where do I go if I want a proposal for my school or company?

Visit our School Proposal page. There is an online form that will be sent automatically to the Sales team. Together with the Education department, they will respond to your request with either a proposal based off the information supplied, or a request for more information.  Real OT Solutions views proposals as the ‘beginning of a conversation.’ Product choices and quantities are thoughtfully discussed with your budget in mind.

Where can I find your W-9?

You can visit our School proposal page or download it right here. A downloadable W-9 form is available.

Who should I contact if I have a question about your product or services?

Call (877) 864-2010 or write to Business hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST. Calls or emails submitted after hours will be responded to within 1-2 business days.

Can I use this if I am a parent?

Absolutely! SMHP materials are parent-friendly, too.  In fact, there are special instructions Parent Kits available for parents working on prewriting skills, printing, and/or cursive writing.

What is the policy if products arrive damaged?

Please inspect your products upon delivery.  If they were damaged in transit, take a photograph of the product, especially the damaged areas.  Please take a photo of the packaging, too.  Send all photos to

We will send you a return shipping label.  If possible, repackage everything in the original box.  Upon receipt of the damaged products, we will send replacement product(s).

What is the policy on returns?

Returns are accepted with the following conditions:

  • The product is returned in perfect re-stock-able condition
  • The product is returned within 4 weeks of delivery
  • The product shows no sign of use
  • Customers will need to pay for shipping, if the return is not the falut of Real OT Solutions

Reach out to  A return label will be created and forwarded to the purchaser via email.

Please ensure that the product(s) are repackaged carefully with the necessary packing materials to avoid damage in the return transit.

If the product is returned to Real OT Solutions within 60 days of its shipment date and is in perfect condition, a refund will be credited to the purchasers’ credit card or school account.

Products received after 60 days will be credited at 50% of the resale value.

Do you accept international orders?

Yes. For International orders, use our webstore or contact us.

Real OT Solutions researches the best shipping options and advises you on both product and shipping costs.   

NOTE: The buyer is responsible for all export and import taxes.

How do I book Dr. Bev for continuing education courses in my district/city?

If you would like to bring Dr. Bev to your school, agency, or city, you can start the process by completing the following form on page about our Educational Workshop.

You can also write directly to  Describe your interests as well as your audience. Include preferred dates, topics, and available venue.  Once agreement is reached, a proposal will be sent to you detailing your responsibilities as host as well as Dr. Bev’s responsibilities as the presenter. If the proposal is accepted, it will be converted into a contract. A 50% deposit is requested at the signing of the contract to hold the dates. 

Is Dr. Bev available for international conferences or speaking engagements?

Yes!  If you would like to bring any of Dr. Bev’s courses including the Day One – Size Matters Handwriting Program: Proven. Practical. Measurable. Embeddable. (hereafter known as Day One). Or… Day Two – SMHP Therapist or Teacher Certification (hereafter known as Day Two) to your country, please write to  Include preferred dates, topics, available venue, and potential audience. Once agreement is reached, a proposal will be sent to you detailing your responsibilities as host as well as Dr. Bev’s responsibilities as the presenter. If the proposal is accepted, it will be converted into a contract. A 50% deposit is requested at the signing of the contract in order to hold the dates. All payments must be made in US dollars.

Are Dr. Bev's courses AOTA approved?

Yes.  Dr. Bev’s courses earn AOTA approved continuing education credits.  Real OT Solutions is an approved provider of continuing education under the American Occupational Therapy Association. 

How many credits can be earned in Dr. Bev’s courses?

AOTA credits are awarded based on the number of hours of instruction.  A 2-hour course earns .2 CEUs.  A 3-hour course earns .3 CEUs, etc.

To earn credit for a pre-recorded course, participants must take and complete a 10-question multiple choice posttest.

To earn credit for a live onsite or online course, participants must sign in, sign out and leave their camera on throughout the course.  Attendance throughout the webinar is sufficient evidence to earn credits.  No posttest is needed.

Dr. Bev can develop a course for any number of hours or days, as per your agency/school’s specifications. 

How do I access the posttest? What is a passing score?

Links to the posttest are forwarded via email.  If participants register for the self-study webinars, the posttest links will be emailed at the same time as the links to the slideshow, handouts, and course evaluations.  

If participants register for the Day Two, they will be sent the posttest link at the conclusion of the webinar/workshop.

Scores of 70% or higher are required to earn credit. 

How quickly will I receive my certificate after completing a course?

Certificates for self-study webinars are issued within 5-7 business days after successful completion of the posttest. Scores of 70% or higher are required to earn credit.  

Certificates for onsite or live online courses are issued at the conclusion of the course.

What is the difference between a webinar and a workshop?

Webinars are online courses.  Webinars can either be pre-recorded or presented live.  Workshops are live onsite courses.  

If a pre-recorded webinar is taken, the participant must take and pass a posttest before receiving their certificate.  

If a participant takes a Day Two webinar or workshop, they must pass a posttest, too.  

Certificates are generated within 5-7 business days after successful completion of the posttest.

How many credits can be earned with Dr. Bev’s courses?

The following pre-recorded webinars are 2 hours and earn .2 CEUs.  

The following pre-recorded webinars are 2.5 hours and earn .25 CEUs.  

The following live workshops are 5 hours and earn .5 CEUs. 

  • Practical Strategies for increasing the Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Impact of your School-based Occupational Therapy practice
  • Time-saving Strategies to Integrate your OT interventions into classrooms and Accelerate the Success of your OT practice

The following live courses are offered both online or onsite and are 6 hours and earn .6 CEUs.  .

  • Day One –Size Matters Handwriting Program:  Proven, Practical, Measurable, Embeddable
  • Day Two - SMHP Therapist or Teacher Certification

The following pre-recorded webinars are 7 hours and earn .7 CEUs.  

Who can take Dr. Bev’s courses?

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Occupational Therapy Assistants
  • Teachers
  • Supervisors
  • Speech Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Principals
  • Related service providers
  • Parents/Guardians

What is the difference between the 3-part self-study SMHP webinar series and the Day One SMHP Intro Webinar/Workshop?

3-part self-study SMHP webinar series

  • Pre-recorded slideshow
  • 7 hours total (Part One – 2 hours, Parts Two and Three – 2.5 hours each)
  • Participants are sent 4 links 
  • Participants are encouraged to print the handouts for notetaking
  • Slideshow can be stopped, started, and rewound, as needed
  • No lab or additional materials are provided
  • Posttests must earn 70% or higher
  • Certificates are issued within 5-7 business days after successful completion of the posttest

Day One - Size Matters Handwriting Program:  Proven, Practical, Measurable, Embeddable Webinar/Workshop

  • Live slideshow presented in Zoom
  • Participants must pre-register
  • Attendance is taken
  • Participants earn .6 CEUs
  • Participants are sent handbooks and lab materials
  • Participants are sent over $200 of free materials
  • Live  Webinar in different time zones.  Participants are welcomed to attend workshops in time zones other than the one in which they live. 
  • Participants complete lab activities during Center Time 
  • Interactive - Polls, Breakout Rooms, Chat messaging, and Q and A.

Certificates for .6 CEUs are issued at the end of the day

Both the 3-part self-study SMHP webinar and the Day One webinar/workshop are qualifying prerequisites for Day Two.

The Day One and Day Two courses are scheduled live in different time zones.  Participants are welcomed to attend webinars/workshops in time zones other than the one in which they live.

Who is eligible for SMHP Certification?

Anyone who has completed a qualifying prerequisite can sign up to participate in the Day Two course.  That includes OTs, OTAs, teachers, parents, and related professionals.

Qualifying prerequisites are:

What are the benefits of SMHP Certification?

Day Two package is shipped to everyone who participates in the workshop. Included in the package is: 

Participants must complete a 50-question multiple choice test after the close of the Certification course.  Links to the posttest will be sent to each participant.  A passing score of 70% earns participants the designation of Certified SMHP Therapist or Certified SMHP Teacher.

Successful participants are welcomed to use this designation on their stationery, signature, resume/CV, or promotional materials.