Want to Host a Workshop?

Learn how to use the Size Matters® Handwriting Program (SMHP) during an educational workshop hosted by Real OT Solutions®. Our professional development training for teachers and occupational therapists will give you the skills to bring about quick changes in children’s handwriting. Developed by Dr. Beverly Moskowitz, this innovative program addresses the BIG PICTURE. Instead of focusing of 62 individual letters, children are directed to touch their letter lines to the writing lines in all the right places. In other words, to follow the Rules for Letter Size. When children correct errors in letter-size, form follows. Using straightforward concepts and visuals, children start making perfect their letters forms almost overnight. If you want your staff or colleagues to be trained in SMHP, apply to host an educational workshop.

Educational Workshops for Teachers with Actionable Takeaways

Educational Workshops for Teachers with Actionable Takeaways SMHP is not a difficult program to learn, but it is different. Most importantly, it will make an immediate, visible and measurable difference in your children’s printing. As you will notice learn in our educational workshops for teachers, it’s SMHP is also more affordable than other programs because it does not require a workbook for every student for every grade for every year. Plus, many of the resources are either reproducible or can be reused. The educational workshops for teachers show how the program complements existing school curricula and incorporates authentic vocabulary, spelling words, science terms and more into daily lessons. In other words, there is nothing artificial. The language used in other classes during handwriting practice comes directly from the students’ math, science, social studies and language arts texts. During the SMHP workshop, you’ll learn how to reinforce the key concepts across the curriculum all day every day.

Host an Educational Workshop on the Size Matters® Handwriting Program

Our educational workshop for occupational therapists can be adapted to your organization’s needs. We offer one-hour, two-hour, and three-and-a-half-hour Continuing Education units. After the workshop, participants receive a certificate reflecting the number of CEU hours successfully completed. If you are interested in hosting an educational workshop for occupational therapists, contact us for pricing and availability or you can check out our exclusive SMHP webinars. Whether you want to use SMHP in the classroom, at home, or in an occupational therapy session, you will find our educational workshop quite useful.