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At Real OT Solutions, we help professionals progress with continuing education courses. We share proven strategies, the latest evidence, best practices and new ways to help teachers and students work cooperatively and successfully together!

The continuing education classes are intended to improve your skills and help you learn proven techniques, acquire meaningful resources, and expand your repertoire of strategies so you can better address the challenges encountered while working in schools. Education Resources provides evidence-based, clinically related continuing education unit (CEU) courses for professional development for school-based Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Special Educators, Social Workers, Psychologists, and related providers. Our continuing education occupational therapy live seminars and on-demand online courses are held by outstanding renowned faculty and specialists in their field. As part of our continuing education courses, our specialists teach practical, time-saving, and effective interventions using available in-class tools, and easily implement assessment strategies to enhance the outcomes of your students.

Benefits of Occupational Therapy Continuing Education

Our program helps continuing education occupational therapists improve their skill sets and provide exceptional patient care. Taking occupational therapy continuing education courses allows you to:

Maintain Your License

In most states, OTs are mandated to finalize a specific amount of occupational therapy CEU courses to revive their license. Legally speaking, only an American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)-approved provider of continuing education classes, such as Real OT Solutions, can help you through the process. 

Stay Updated

Information and technology for occupational therapy change frequently. Continuing professional education seminars keep you updated with the community regarding the latest techniques, policies, and research. They are formulated to refresh your skills and educate pediatric occupational therapy continuing online about the new developments in the field.

Achieve Advanced Certifications

Some occupational therapy continuing education certificates propose a certain number of CEUs in a specific practice. These CEUs offer specialized awareness to better serve your patients.

Get the Best School-Based Occupational Therapy Continuing Education

Our professionals provide support for practitioners by offering the latest information about the IDEA, the IEP and OT processes, and reasonable tools for immediate use. The ideas, techniques, and resources in our school-based occupational therapy continuing education aim to enhance knowledge and improve skills in time management, program development, accurate decision making, enduring daily obstacles, and delivering reasonable and practical services in the school-based situation that are evidence-based, practical, and evaluate best practice.

At Real OT Solutions, we arrange exceptional occupational therapy continuing education conferences and much more. Our team brings together resourceful technology and powerful education to enhance the quality of healthcare globally.

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