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Engaging Cutting Activities for Preschoolers and School-Aged Children by Real OT Solutions

Real OT Solutions offers cutting activities for preschoolers and school-aged children designed to promote participation, function, and access to the scope of occupations in schools, classrooms, homes, and communities.

The Cutting Program, as with our remaining catalog of occupational therapy activities and materials, is all about building fine motor skills and feelings of competence while engaging in fun learning activities. The materials and activities are suitable for preschoolers and school-aged children… and anyone else working on fine motor skills. Skillful manipulation of scissors is an excellent way of developing strength and coordination. Additionally, holding the paper with the other hand and maneuvering it into the paper develops bilateral coordination. Together, with one hand working the scissors and the other hand holding the paper, your kids learn to differentiate movement between the right and left sides of the body.  One side is mobilizing.  The other side is stabilizing.  In fact, that same differentiation happens within the hand itself. The little finger side of the hand is holding the scissors while the thumb side of the hand is opening and closing it. 

Great news… You can teach kids cutting skills through activity-based learning in preschool, kindergarten, learning support classrooms, or other occupational settings. We have designed a whole host of cutting activities for preschoolers, school-aged children, and others to help in this regard. With regular preschool cutting practice and engaging in fun and exciting cutting activities for kids, the child will learn valuable motor, perceptual, and cognitive skills and more through exciting and stimulating cutting activities.

Why Do Teachers Recommend Scissor Skills Development?

Skillful manipulation of scissors impacts so much more than just the ability to bisect a piece of paper.  With successful scissor skills development therapy, parents can teach their children fine motor skills and prepare them for more complex learning later. Also, by instilling a positive and success-insured attitude towards learning in general via scissors and cutting activities for kindergarten and all grades, you'll promote your child’s receptiveness to actual learning goals in school. 

The Cutting Program builds shape awareness!  Be sure to regularly practice scissor skills activities with the little ones so they develop an understanding of shapes and more. The Cutting Program itself is divided into 6 series… Snips, Squares, Circles, Triangles, Complex Curves, and Angles.  Cutting each of the shapes, coloring them, orienting them correctly to place on the picture, and then gluing them heightens children’s awareness of spatial relationships.  And… if the children glue the shapes onto the pictures once they are cut into small pieces, you are promoting bilateral coordination.  Educators recommend stimulating experiences like scissor skills occupational therapy for students to make them more inclined towards engaging in motor activities and developing a greater curiosity about all things around them.

Developing competence when cutting shapes goes beyond merely teaching children about the activity at hand.  It also fosters a sense of pride in a job well done.  Sharing cutting activities amongst students builds associated responsibilities, goals, and learning expectations. It also shows that learning can be fun and exciting, making them more likely to join the school with excitement.

Get Our Premium Bundle of Cutting Activities for Fine Motor Skills

The Cutting Program offers fun scissor activities for preschoolers and elementary school children in both regular and special education classes. The program also offers cutting activities for occupational therapy and scissors for preschool and school-aged children. Real OT Solutions® is dedicated to meeting the cutting, printing, and drawing needs of both children and adults with sensory, motor, or learning difficulties via our beginner-level and advanced scissor skills preschool packages. All our reproducible OT cutting activities worksheets have been proved effective by teachers, parents, and occupational therapists.

Under the Cutting Program, we offer the Cutting Program Progress Monitoring Form, Print/ Cut/ Draw Success Kit, and the Cutting Program Instruction Manual. The Cutting Program Box Set combines lots of bilateral coordination, perceptual, fine motor, and school participation fun for effective cutting activities occupational therapy and learning development.

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