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Additional magnets®

Additional magnets®

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This handwriting for kids easy and fun educational product is an excellent way to embed handwriting across the curriculum all day, every day! Kids love the magnets for a magnetic board in occupational therapy and in school. Their bright colors, pink, yellow and blue, reflect Size One, Two and Three letters, respectively. 

  • Pink and blue magnets are 4” X 2”. 
  • Yellow magnets are 2” X 2”.

The magnets are used in conjunction with the Magnetic Rectasquare Board (MRB.)  The MRB is a ferrous-backed flexible board with 2 sets of writing lines.  The distance from the top to bottom line is 4”... a perfect fit for the pink magnets.  The distance from the dotted line to the bottom line is 2”, a perfect fit for the yellow magnet.  The sets of writing lines are spaced far enough apart that the blue magnets fit perfectly starting at the dotted line and going below the bottom line. 


Both the MRB and the magnets have wipe-off surfaces.  Teachers are encouraged to select vocabulary from their literacy, math, social studies, science, health, or any other subject, and then graph it on the board.  Teachers can write on the board with a dry erase marker and cover the letters with an appropriate sized magnet.  Or write directly on the magnet.  Students are encouraged to ‘solve’ the puzzle.  ‘Which word could this be?’  Once they guess correctly, a letter correctly, they could remove the magnet.  Once they guess the word correctly, they would remove all magnets, then print that word with exact touching of their letter lines to the writing lines.

Learning the Alphabet with Magnets for a White Board

The magnets for a magnetic board support SMHP, guiding the kids' hands to write properly. The magnets for white board in pink, yellow and blue tiles are designed to represent Size One, Two, or Three letters, respectively. 

Write vocabulary and spelling words on the colorful tiles. While discussing the words or terms represented, note the size of the letters and the rules for that size. Play word games like Snowman (i.e. Hangman… but less violent), Wheel of Fortune and more during Centers or for RtI. 

Our Magnets for a Magnetic Board Can Be Used Over Time

Both the MRB and tiles have wipe-off surfaces. We pay attention not just to the design of the magnets for a white board and the activity associated with using them, but also to the materials they are made of. We only offer high-quality products with a long lifespan.

This is our commitment to parents, teachers, and therapists: to give them tested and proven tools that help them teach children how to print. The magnets for a magnetic board enable handwriting awareness aka letter size, to be embedded across the curriculum.  It is one of the many distinctions that make the Size Matters Handwriting Program the fastest growing handwriting program in the country.. Thus, we use the same care and diligence in producing them as we do for any other solution and product we offer for sale.

Choose Magnets for a Magnetic Board to Improve Letter Handwriting Skills!

Real OT Solutions was founded by Dr. Beverly Moskowitz, a reputable occupational therapist. She uses her experience, talents and scientific methods to develop effective, fun and easy-to-use handwriting activities and products, including the replacement magnets for a white board.

Please note that all ROTS products are copyrighted by Real OT Solutions, Inc. and may not be reproduced or recreated.  To get a personalized offer for your preschool or school, contact us: 877-864-2010!

This product does not include the Magnetic Board.

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