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First Grade Journal Book

First Grade Journal Book

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When a child is learning to print on paper using a first grade handwriting practice lined workbook, they are building the most critical skill for a successful life. Many parents choose to take matters into their own hands and teach their children how to write at home.

The most effective handwriting paper in our line of workbooks for 1st graders has black lines with thickened bottom lines and thicker (but not as thick) top lines. This specific pattern helps children start on the top line and stop successfully on the bottom line, creating letters of uniform size.  The paper is printable and can be used both in school and at home.

Adaptive Handwriting Practice for First Grade Made Easy For Parents

Indeed, many of the before and after photos showing legibility progress made by kids using the handwriting book for first grade are sent by their parents. And this comes as no surprise. We created a system to teach handwriting that is easy to use by children, educators, parents, or aides.

The best workbooks for 1st graders help both preschool and school-aged children learn to write. Under the supervision of their parents or teachers, kids learn the rules for letter size that makes writing look consistent and neat. After all, learning anything with a built-in success experience, whether in school or from the comfort of home, is often the best choice. 

Teach Your Child to Write with our Student Workbook Handwriting Book for First Grade!

Real OT Solutions products are the result of research work conducted by our founder. Dr Beverly Moskowitz is an occupational therapist with decades of experience.  The Size Matters Handwriting Program handwriting practice for first grade adaptive paper is the fruit of her tireless labor.

This is a Green Product made with care for the environment. The cover is made from Post-Consumer Recyclable paper. The lined first grade handwriting paper is made from sustainable Eucalyptus plants. We work to build a world where all children can write and enjoy a happy life in a clean environment.

Please note that Real OT Solutions (ROTS) products are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or recreated without the consent of Real OT Solutions, Inc. If your kindergarten or school wants the best first grade handwriting practice workbooks, contact us to get a proposal.  Purchase Orders are accepted.  Questions? Write or call (877) 864-2010!

Product Details

  • 56 pages of our unique adapted writing paper with thickened bottom lines in each
  • Four different level books: Kindergarten, First, Second and Third
  • Coding is discretely placed on the back binding
  • Cleanest and brightest paper available
  • Printed with black lines, including margin lines for 1, 2 and 3
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