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Kindergarten Journal Book

Kindergarten Journal Book

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Learning to print is not an intuitive process.  Children do not get better at printing just because they got older.  Since not all schools have formal handwriting programs, many parents and educators do not want to leave this critical skill to chance. This is why they rely on the Size Matters Handwriting Program Student Workbook and our adaptive handwriting workbooks for kindergarten with lined paper.  These margins help preschoolers, kindergartners, or anyone requiring graded ruling from top to bottom line, to develop manuscript handwriting skills.

Using Kindergarten, First, Second, or Third Adapted Writing Paper, our Student Workbooks, unofficially known as our kindergarten workbooks with handwriting paper have black lines with thickened bottom lines. This design helps preschool kids practice writing with ease using clear guidelines.

Tested and Proven Handwriting Workbooks for Kindergarten and Elementary School

Adapted paper for kindergarten, especially in the Student Workbook, combines letter writing with fun. It was developed by an experienced occupational therapist whose proven approach to teaching kids to print is used in schools around the globe. 

The handwriting practice for kindergarten journals is uniquely and thoughtfully designed.  Each page has two long white letter boxes inside textured backgrounds.  This white space directs children’s attention toward the place to put their letters.  Additionally, the white space has thick bottom lines and thicker (but not as thick) top lines as well as a dotted middle line.  And… they have a large space at the top of the page for drawing. 

First, Second, and Third Grade books include margin lines. Handsome covers display the writing lines inside. Grade levels are discreetly noted on the back so that no matter the grade in which kids are using the books, whether handwriting books for kindergarten, preschool,  elementary grades or higher, they do not focus on the circled number on the back binding.

Kindergarten Workbooks Help Your Kid and Protect the Environment

We take all aspects into consideration in order to create the best workbooks for kindergarten. This is a Green Product. The cover is made from Post-Consumer Recyclable paper. The lined paper in all the journal books is made from sustainable Eucalyptus plants.  And while our kindergarten writing workbooks are not reproducible, the concepts can be reviewed every year without incurring additional expenses.  In fact, we recommend the Student Workbook for Kindergarten, First grade, or for students with special needs the first year schools or districts adopt the Size Matters Handwriting Program.  However, from year two onward, the Student Workbook is only encouraged for Kindergarten and special needs students.  Older students practice printing on the different grade level adapted paper and journal books.

In this way, we believe that we contribute to building a better world where every child knows how to write and lives in a healthy and thriving environment.

Choose the Best Handwriting Practice for Kindergarten Journals!

Real OT Solutions develops the best handwriting practice solutions for kindergarten. Our Student Workbook handwriting workbooks for kindergarten are successfully used by educators and parents across the US and internationally.

Please note that Real OT Solutions (ROTS) products are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or recreated without the consent of Real OT Solutions, Inc. If you want to order the kindergarten handwriting paper journals using a Purchase Order, please send it to  Any questions? Write or call (877) 864-2010!

Product Details

  • 56 pages of our unique adapted writing paper with thickened bottom lines in each
  • Four different level books: Kindergarten, First, Second and Third
  • Coding is discretely placed on the back binding
  • Cleanest and brightest paper available
  • Printed with black lines, including margin lines for 1, 2 and 3
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