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Paper Packs©

Paper Packs©

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Our handwriting lined paper packs offer high-quality papers for First, Second, and Third grades. Handwriting paper can be an exceptional tool to improve handwriting skills for preschoolers through high school students. 

The adapted paper has a three-line design. The dark top line shows students where to start.  A thick bottom line shows students where to stop their letters.  The extra thickness on the bottom line provides extra space for the students to accurately and successfully make their letters the right size.  The writing lines also include dotted middle lines to make the half space for Size Two letters and other letters that start or stop their letter lines in the middle. Each set of 3 lines is followed by a Skip Space that clearly distinguishes one set of writing lines from the next.  The Skip Space is slightly larger in distance than the distance between the middle and bottom lines. The lined paper for learning to write can make a massive difference for kids while learning handwriting.

Benefits of Lined Paper for Writing Practice

Real OT Solutions’ lined paper for writing practice can help elementary school kids learn about the difference between Size One, Two or Three lowercase and uppercase letters. They help learn letter formation with the specialized three-line design. They also have space for drawing where kids can let their creative juices flow! 

They offer clean and clear margins that offer kids plenty of space to practice their handwriting. Writing words can be easier when kids aren’t forced to squeeze into small lines. The lined writing paper creates writing fluency. 

Our lined paper for preschoolers can also help them transfer from prewriting lines and shapes into writing letters more easily. They can learn to distinguish between capital letters and lowercase letters. Kids will be able to learn the difference between letters that only reach the middle letters, such as ‘o’ and ‘m’, as well as letters that reach the top line, like ‘t’ and ‘b.’ 

Buy Our Lined Paper for Learning How to Write

Our paper packs have 50 double-sided sheets with plenty of space for kids to explore letters. Lined paper for learning how to write is crucial since it can improve their understanding of the size of each letter relative to the others. Investing in our lined paper for preschooler and school-aged children will allow the child plenty of room to develop their skills and improve their handwriting. With the larger skip spaces, they can write in a clean manner, which can help them in the long run as they move towards cursive writing. 

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Product Details

  • High quality paper
  • Paper packs have 50 2-sided sheets
  • Available in First, Second, or Third grade levels
  • All packs have a quantity of fifty double sided sheets
  • Available individually or as part of the Print/Cut/Draw Success Kit
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