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Parent Kit - Cursive

Parent Kit - Cursive

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Children long to express their individuality and creativity, and cursive writing enables them to do so.

Cursive handwriting is complex and inherently associated with the development of fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Learning cursive also prompts children to develop self-discipline, a useful skill in all areas of life. This unique workbook incorporates Size Matters Handwriting Program’s proven concepts and includes practice pages that help build your child's motor memory.

The Enrichment pages include lessons in community, kindness, and global awareness, qualities that are valuable at all ages. Positive values when learning... Invaluable! The best part for your child is that the Size Matters Handwriting Program works! It is fun and easy and illustrated by exceptional children.... but who isn’t?

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Product Details

• Cursive Kaleidoscope workbook
• Kaleidoscope Do-it-Yourself kit
• Pack of 2nd grade paper
• Pack of 3rd grade paper
• Second grade journal
• Third grade journal

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