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Parent Kit - Early Learners

Parent Kit - Early Learners

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As children write, multiple parts of the brain are stimulated. This includes language and motor centers. When your child visually tracks what they are writing, the brain becomes even more engaged. Big takeaway... writing supports reading!

Start your child on the road to printing success with the Size Matters Handwriting Program (SHMP) is a proven approach to teaching handwriting that is also fun.

Check out the preschool printing and drawing materials. The Parent Preschool Kit includes a number of fun materials designed for your preschooler. Path Ways, an exclusive product of Real OT Solutions, is designed to develop writing readiness. Letterbox Worksheets have 62 wipe-off sheets so your child can use them over and over again. I Can Draw is a tent booklet with 3-8 step pictures so your child can create unique drawings.

The SHMP preschool kit is a multi-sensory activity for your child and is available only at

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Product Details

• Letterbox Worksheets
• PathWays series (6 books)
• I Can Draw!
• Kindergarten journal
• Alphatrangle

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