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PreWriter Pack®

PreWriter Pack®

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Real OT Solutions offers easy pre-writing activities for preschoolers in one pack! We strive to help preschoolers, as well as students working at a prewriter level, learn drawing and writing skills.

Pre-writing activities are designed to develop the necessary skills for writing readiness. Our pack for pre-writing skills for kids helps with early childhood development in many different ways. It contains 7 different products, include a set of Path Ways, Letterbox Worksheets, an Alphatrangle, Student Workbook, and other items, each with lots of opportunities to practice letters and drawings.  Instructions for letter sizes, shapes, and lines are easy for adults to explain and kids to follow. 

Pre-Writing Activities for Preschoolers: Improve Handwriting Skills

Our PreWriter Pack® offers fun pre-writing activities for preschoolers to help school children develop prewriting and handwriting skills. The pack includes:

  • Letterbox Worksheets: Pre-writing skills improve with our wipe-off sheets that contain sheets for practicing uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. Kids learn the names, sizes, and rules for Size One, Two and Three letters.
  • Path Ways (Full Series of 6 Books): Preschoolers can improve their pre-writing skills with our Path Ways books. The pre-writing activities begin with wide paths that get progressively thinner with each page. Each book emphasizes early education themes, like school, places we live, tools, baby animals, seasons, feelings, and more.  Patterns and shapes provide additional learning opportunities, too.  
  • Student Workbook:   The Student Workbooks begins with Pre-writing practice, and continues to teach and practice individual letters starting with Size One uppercase letters, followed by numbers, Size One lowercase letters, Size Two Letters and then Size Three.  Each page offers ten different fun activities to teach letter size, letter lines, initial lines, starting points, and touchpoints development.
  • Alphatrangle: The ultimate handwriting teaching tool for pre-writing practice, the Alphatrangle is a 3-dimensional reference that puts important sound-symbol and handwriting information within the child’s line of vision so they might actually use it!!  Indestructible, children cannot scratch off nor write on the laminated surfaces. Alphatrangles have fun, colorful pictures for letter size and printing cues, perfect for children who want to develop handwriting.
  •  I Can Draw!: Our pre-writing activities for middle school include interesting graphics with a step-by-step guide to learning how to draw.
  • Kindergarten Journal Book: Our pre-writing activities for kindergarten contains a three-line paper design, top, dotted, and bottom lines, that helps improve handwriting skills. Kindergarten Journal Books have plenty of two long letterboxes for writing and a generous space at the top of each page for drawing.  
  • First Grade Journal: The most effective handwriting paper in our line of workbooks for 1st graders has black lines with thickened bottom lines and thicker (but not as thick) top lines. This specific pattern helps children start on the top line and stop successfully on the bottom line, creating letters of uniform size.  The paper is printable and can be used both in school and at home.

Pre-Writing Practice: Developing Writing Skills

Pre-writing practice can be fun too! Kids can use our PreWriter Pack® for different writing activities. The workbooks, sheets, drawing book, and journal are all designed by experts to develop writing skills in fun but efficient ways.

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