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The Dice Game®

The Dice Game®

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Real OT Solutions creates scientifically tested products and solutions to help children learn handwriting, including one of the most effective teaching aids - The Dice Game® for kids.

Teachers, therapists, and parents teaching handwriting for kids often find it difficult to encourage children to keep drawing a letter until they get right. This is why we developed The Dice Game® for kids. Through actual practice working with preschool kids, the dice activity proved to be an effective way of making handwriting practice fun and engaging for children.

The box set contains a complete children’s dice game, with several sets of dice in different shapes and colors. You can let your children or students pick their favorite dice at the start of the lesson. This gives them the feeling of control over their learning process and empowers them to be more diligent.

How to Use the Children’s Dice Game in Class 

Dice determines practice. Build student empowerment by having the kids roll the dice. The number rolled becomes the number of times a student has to print a Star-Worthy letter. The exercise dice for kids can be used for initial or remedial practice. 

Teachers or therapists are encouraged to walk around with clinking dice during any writing activity. When the children hear the sounds of the dice, they are reminded to Think Letter Size!!’ Super C says, “Better be Star-Worthy!” Never has practice been more fun than with educational dice games for handwriting therapy. Children feel in control when the roll of the dice determines how many times letters or words will be printed. 

Parents Can Also Use Educational Dice Games

The dice activity is not just for class. Parents can help children learn each letter with dice games for preschoolers, an activity that is perfectly integrated into the Size Matters Handwriting Program. You can be your kid’s hero by making them feel that they are playing a game instead of learning cursive handwriting. And in this game, everyone wins!

Choose Our Effective Exercise Dice for Kids

Real OT Solutions was founded by Dr. Beverly Moskowitz, an occupational therapist with over 40 years of experience. Each handwriting solution and product, including the dice game for kids, is based on scientific methods and hands-on experience.

Please note that all ROTS products are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or recreated without the consent of Real OT Solutions. Inc. To get a personalized offer on the educational dice games for your preschool or school, get in touch with us: 877-864-2010.

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