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Path Ways®

Path Ways®

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Path Ways practice the 9 lines and shapes touted by the VMI (i.e. Beery-Buktenica Test of Visual-Motor Integration) as precursors to printing readiness.  Beginning with very wide paths, the paths thin with each successive page.Upon successful completion of Book 6, students should be ready for the Letterbox Worksheets and the Size Matters Handwriting Program! Shapes at the top or sides of each book provide additional practice. Children choose differently colored pencils for each shape, and then use the sequence to follow the path 6-8 times. Shapes patterns progress from repeating AAA to ABAB, ABB, ABC, AAB, and ABCD. Books can be used individually or shared between 2-6 other students.

Pre-Writing Fun

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Product Details

  • Series:
  1. Book 1: Vertical and Horizontal
  2. Book 2: Curves and Circles
  3. Book 3: Crosses and Ladders
  4. Book 4: Squares and Rectangles
  5. Book 5: Right and Left Diagonals
  6. Book 6: Triangles and X’s
  • Paths of decreasing width
  • Lots of early education themes like school, healthy food, community helpers, sports, letter or number recognition and more
  • Teaches categorization, sequencing, patterns and matching
  • Increases vocabulary and general knowledge
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