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Real OT Solutions

Activity Books®

Activity Books®

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Real OT Solutions has the mission of helping educators, parents, and therapists with effective products and solutions, including the Activity Books for kids that teach cursive handwriting.

Our range of products improving handwriting for kids could not be complete without a set of Activity Books®. Practice always makes perfect, and we combine fun with a scientific method to help children to develop handwriting skills.

The full range of Activity Books for toddlers encourages kids to write from a very early age by repeating simple patterns for each letter. In time, these activity books for preschool and home will become the child’s daily companion.

Preschool Activity Books Designed to Integrate into Our Handwriting Program

The printable learning Activity Books for school follow the same sequence as the Student Workbook and are referenced on each Practice Page for students needing additional structure. This 18-book series provides printing practice for Size One upper case letters and numbers, then Size One lower case, Size Two lower case, and finally Size Three inside individual and/or long letterboxes. 

Individual letterboxes guide letter shape and size and are ideal for motor skills therapy and practice. The Activity Books for kids encourage students to use the corners and contours of each letterbox to develop consistency of letterform and size.

Printable Paper Learning Activity Books for Home Use

The letter-writing activity with the Activity Books for preschoolers is easy for parents who want to teach their children how to write at home. Our scientific method is both effective and easy to administer. You can monitor your kids’ progress with the additional materials we develop for this specific purpose.

Buy the Full Set of Activity Books for Handwriting Practice

Real OT Solutions develops occupational therapy products and solutions based on scientific methods and decades of experience. Our learning Activity Books cover each letter of the alphabet using a tested and proven progressive method.

Please note that all ROTS products are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or recreated without the consent of Real OT Solutions. Inc. We can prepare a personalized offer for the preschool Activity Books for your school, so contact us: 877-864-2010!

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