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Cursive Kaleidoscope Workbook©

Cursive Kaleidoscope Workbook©

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Teach your child how to write in cursive with this unique Cursive Writing Practice workbook, part of the Size Matters Handwriting Program concepts and strategies. The cursive workbooks for practice teach kids how to form each letter in a fun and engaging way. 

The Instruction, Practice and Sense and Nonsense pages build motor memory. This is essential when learning handwriting and the cursive workbook for kids who learn to write focuses on repeating a task without making it appear boring to the child. Each step and activity in the workbook is scientifically designed by our founder, an experienced occupational therapist who worked with many children over the years.

A Cursive Handwriting Workbook Made for Kids with the Help of Kids

The cursive handwriting books for kindergarten contain creative illustrations made by children. From experience, we know that this helps kids bond with the cursive practice book, a method proven by the educators and parents writing to us and sending us before and after photos of their kids’ handwriting.

With schools not doing the absolute best for children, it falls to the parents to find a way to make writing easy. The cursive handwriting books for children are our answer to every parent’s need to provide their child with the best education and with the core abilities they need to succeed in life.

Our Cursive Workbooks Teach More than Writing

The cursive writing workbook for kids is more than a method to develop writing skills. The Lowercase Enrichment pages offer lessons in acceptance, community, and kindness. The Uppercase pages promote awareness. Together, all the elements of the Cursive Kaleidoscope Workbook build empathy, character, and all the qualities any parent would like to nurture in their children.

Choose the Best Cursive Workbook for Kids!

At Real OT Solutions, we rely on the experience of our founder, Dr. Beverly Moskowitz, to create effective occupational therapy products and solutions for parents, therapists, educators, and teachers. 

ROTS products are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or recreated without the consent of Real OT Solutions, Inc.

If you are interested in getting a personalized offer for our cursive handwriting books for kindergarten or any book in the SMHP series, contact us: 877-864-2010!

Illustrated by children!

Product Details

  • Builds on Size Matters Handwriting Program
  • Multisensory
  • INSTRUCTION pages teach initial strokes 
  • PRACTICE pages group letters with common strokes
  • SENSE AND NONSENSE pages reinforce connections
  • ENRICHMENT page themes:
  • Illustrations by children and adults
  • Optional Kaleidoscope kit! 
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