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Magnetic Rectasquare Board Wall Decor Kit®

Magnetic Rectasquare Board Wall Decor Kit®

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Real OT Solutions offers teachers, parents, and therapists a magnetic board to teach kids to write.

Our Magnetic Rectasquare Board Wall Décor Kit includes the magnetic board with colorful tiles - a useful tool used to teach handwriting for kids, and the poster series. This easy and fun educational product is an excellent way to embed handwriting across the curriculum all day, every day! Used in preschool and occupational therapy, the children’s magnetic board helps kids remember letter size when writing.

Kids will learn the letters by sizes in a fun and playful way using colorful tiles. This approach was tested and proven by therapists, educators, and parents. Emphasizing letter size and using the magnetic board for wall to practice handwriting has been proven in research to be more effective than other methods used to encourage children to develop their writing skills.

A Teacher’s Choice Product


How to Use the Magnetic Wall Boards for Kids to Improve Handwriting

Children learn very fast when they do not feel that they are tasked with learning. The magnetic board for kids is an adjunct to classroom lessons.  Instead of isolated lessons learning and practicing individual letters, kids will use the board throughout the day. 

Encourage children to use pink, yellow, and blue tiles to represent Size One, Two, or Three letters, respectively. Challenge them to write all subject vocabulary and spelling words on the colorful tiles and arrange them on the magnetic board as a school activity. While discussing the words or terms represented, note the size of the letters and the rules for that size. Play word games like Snowman (an updated version of Hangman), Wheel of Fortune, and more during Centers or for RtI. Both the MRB and tiles have wipe-off surfaces. 

The Magnetic Board for Kids: in School and at Home, Equally Helpful

We designed the Magnetic Rectasquare Board Wall Décor Kit with several ideas in mind:

  • To engage kids in handwriting practice on a magnetic board that looks like a game
  • To offer parents, educators, and therapists a useful tool to teach kids to write
  • To allow anyone to use the magnetic writing board with ease
  • To provide a high-quality product with a long useful life

Both the board and the tiles can be written on and then wiped clean. The board can be easily affixed on a wall and removed. We paid attention to every aspect, from the concept of the children’s magnetic board for occupational therapy, school, and home use, to the materials used to produce it.

Choose the Magnetic Writing Boards to Write with Ease!

Real OT Solutions products are approved by the American Occupational Therapy Association. All our solutions are developed by our founder, Dr. Beverly Moskowitz, an occupational therapist with over 46 years of experience.

Please note that Real OT Solutions (ROTS) products, including the magnetic wall boards for kids, are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or recreated without the consent of Real OT Solutions, Inc. Contact us if you need a proposal for your school.  Question? Write or call (877) 864-2010!


ROTS products are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or recreated without the consent of Real OT Solutions, Inc.

Product Details


  • The MRB arrives in a portable light weight tube. This makes it easier to transport from school to school or classroom to classroom. 
  • Comes with a dry eraser, 2 wipe-off markers and 6 mini magnets to adhere it to the magnetic white boards!
  • 17″ x 23″ wipe-off surface.
  • Ferrous backed. Magnets stick to it!
  • Lightweight, flexible, and portable. Comes in a 2″ round tube.
  • Easy to hang on hard surfaces. Tape to door, staple to bulletin board, magnetize to white boards or thumbtack to cork surfaces.
  • Perfect for Itinerant therapists and teachers!
  • New and improved: Now includes 10 pink, 10 yellow, and 5 blue magnets. 
  • Also now includes Poster Series to amp up your SMHP wall decor, dry-erase markers and eraser! 
  • Available individually or as part of the Writing Bundle.
  • A kid’s choice product.

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