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The Point of View Survey®

The Point of View Survey®

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The POVS can be administered to an entire class within 15 minutes. Reflecting Best Practices and the OT Practice Framework, the POVS compares the ‘point of view’ of the teacher, student and evaluator regarding printing competency, instruction, and know how. The perspectives scored by each serve as starting points for intervention or consultation. If… Then… Scenarios provide guidance as to whether a student would benefit from direct service, monitoring and no treatment.

A True Screener

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Product Details

Compares teacher, student and evaluator’s impressions of legibility, the writing process, and their
insights into what makes printing neat and easy

  • Currently undergoing reliability and validity testing
  • Can be administered to an entire class at once
  • Scoring takes seconds
  • Implications for follow-up based on consensus of ‘happy’, ‘neutral’ or ‘sad’ matches
  • Full Set includes:
  1. POVS Instruction Manual
  2. Main Form (pack of 25)
  3. Children’s Scorecard (pack of 25)
  4. Desktop Prompt Card
  5. Classroom Prompt Card
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