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Real OT Solutions designs and produces handwriting solutions and products for kids, including the alphabet posters.

The handwriting practice alphabet posters are among the most popular solutions for teaching handwriting for kids. Colorful, funny, and featuring friendly cartoon characters, the ABC posters improve handwriting in kids by reinforcing the concepts and rules for letters, as well as strategies like the Dice Game. Whenever students need a quick reminder, the poster on the wall provides clear visual guidance regarding letter size, Super C, letter lines, Spaghetti, and Meatballs, or the Dice Game. Child-friendly graphics with important messaging are a perfect addition in the classroom, therapy room or your kid’s home.

Everything you need to teach printing!

The Size Matters Handwriting Program has been proven effective in the largest research study ever done on handwriting.  Multiple studies have since followed with the same result.  The supportive materials, including the alphabet letter posters for preschool and school, are the result of decades of research in occupational therapy. Tested by therapists, teachers, and parents, these posters encourage kids to write with confidence and learn how to correct their own mistakes. Their presence in the room supports hours teaching and encouraging legibility, and is even more effective as kids form an emotional connection with the posters’ characters like Super C and Meatball Man.

Discover the Full Set of Alphabet Posters with Pictures 

Designed for school practice and occupational therapy, the alphabet posters measure 12” x 18”. There are six posters in the set, reinforcing the Key Concepts in the Size Matters® Handwriting Program. Colorful and kid-friendly, it is recommended that teachers use the series of ABC posters for the classroom to teach the Concepts before hanging them. 

Let the kids decide where to hang them. When they need to reference the information… they’ll know where to look. This product comes as a set of 6 ABC posters: 

  1. Super C to the Rescue comic – teaching kids to form the letters the right size
  2. Letter Size Rules – Identifies which letters are Size One, Two or Three. 
  3. Meatball Man – explaining how there should be room for one spaghetti between letters, one meatballs between words.
  4. Super C letters – Super C, our Superhero, illustrates the letters that are
  5. The Dice Game – Roll the dice.  How many times will you be making a Star-Worthy letter? 
  6. Letter Line Names – Starting Tall.  Lying Down.  Slant Lines.  Super C.  Smiles and Frowns.  Clocks.  What letter lines make up each letter?

Improve Handwriting with Alphabet Posters for Classroom!

Real OT Solutions creates products and solutions that help teach kids how to write using scientific methods developed by our founder. Dr. Beverly Moskowitz is an experienced occupational therapist with proven results. The alphabet letter posters and activity workbooks help children develop solid printing and writing skills.

Please note that Real OT Solutions (ROTS) products are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or recreated without the consent of Real OT Solutions, Inc. Contact us to discuss proposals for buying alphabet posters for your school.  Questions?  Write or call (877) 864-2010!

Product Details

  • Six attractive and colorful high gloss posters
  • 12” X 18”. Three are designed horizontally. Three are designed vertically.
  • Can be reused year after year
  • Teach Key Concepts
  • Suitable for laminating
  • May be hung, stapled or thumbtacked onto walls to remind students about Letter Lines, Letter Size, Super C and Spaghetti and Meatball pacing.
  • Sold together as a set of six, or as part of the Writing Bundle or Magnetic Rectasquare Board Kit.
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