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Student Workbook

Student Workbook

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The Student Workbook cannot be reproduced. It is copyright protected.

If you need an effective handwriting workbook and other handwriting for kids solutions, Real OT Solutions has the answer. The Student Workbook® teaches Size Matters Handwriting Program (SMHP) Key Concepts and individual Letters in fun pre-writing and printing practice pages.  

Ten fun activities on each page identify Letter Size, Letter Lines, Starting Points, Initial Lines, and Touch Points. SMHP Student Workbooks are fun, effective, efficient, and a proven way of learning to print. Kids practice letters using the handwriting workbook and improve their handwriting in a short period of time.


Everyone Can Learn to Write Using the Handwriting Workbook for Kindergarten

SMHP has only one grade level workbook with only single letters on each page. The lines on each page are appropriate for a preschool handwriting workbook, Kindergarten, or any student working on handwriting.  It is also recommended Year One for First Grade, any year for students with intellectual disabilities or other Special Needs, and adults with Traumatic Brain Injuries, CVA, Parkinson’s, or other physical or cognitive impairments. 

Many specialists in occupational therapy choose to use the handwriting workbooks for kids or adults to restore mobility and hand to eye coordination. We designed all the handwriting workbooks to be fun and informative practice for anyone. The product you buy is the result of years of experience and work with various kinds of people who needed occupational therapy.

Use the Best Handwriting Workbooks to Teach Kids How to Write!

The founder of Real OT Solutions, Dr. Beverly Moskowitz, is an occupational therapist who spent decades creating and perfecting effective solutions and activities to improve handwriting in children and persons with various challenging conditions. The handwriting practice workbooks she creates were tested and proven by parents, teachers, occupational therapy, and rehabilitation specialists.

Please note that Real OT Solutions (ROTS) products are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or recreated without the consent of Real OT Solutions, Inc. Contact us if you want a proposal for the handwriting workbooks for kids: Questions?   Write or call (877) 864-2010!

Product Details

  •  A Tested & Proven Handwriting Workbook for Kids
  •  Introduces Size Matters® concepts
  • 10 child-friendly/client-friendly learning activities per page
  • Which letter is Star-Worthy?’ includes 4 incorrectly sized letters/numbers on each page as well as a correct one
  • Promotes kid-empowerment and peer mentoring
  • The Dice Game provides students with a say in their practice
  •  Additional Practice Pages are included after every 2-5 letters or numbers
  • Full Color
  • Partners with the Activity Book set for more practice
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