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Student E-Workbook

Student E-Workbook

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The Student E-Workbook can not be printed or shared. If you need a physical copy please purchase the Student Workbook along with this E-Workbook. The Student Workbook cannot be reproduced. It is copyright protected.

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Why You’ll Love Our Student E-Workbook

This concept-driven approach is embeddable, measurable, easy and fun. Plus... it works fast! You could see visible changes within days, and sometimes immediately!
Real OT Solutions is a strong advocate for evidence-based practice. Not only has The Size Matters Handwriting Program been proven highly effective in the largest study ever done on handwriting, it has a growing list of additional published research attesting to the merits of its concepts and strategies in impacting legibility, teacher acceptance, student buy-in, and ease of use.


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Product Details

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Why a Student E-Workbook?

Student E-Workbooks enable teachers and therapists to project the Student E-Workbook or Cursive Kaleidoscope E-Workbook onto Smart Boards or other screens. They can also be used during remote lessons for students participating in cyber schools or homeschooling.

How many site licenses does a school need?

All teachers using either the Student E-Workbook or Cursive Kaleidoscope E-Workbook with their students will need their own site license in order to access a Student E-Workbook. For instance, if a school has 3 Kindergarten and 3 First Grade classrooms, they would need 6 site licenses for the Student E-Workbook. If 3 Second and 3 Third grade teachers were using the Cursive Kaleidoscope program, each classroom would need a Site License for the Cursive Kaleidoscope E-Workbook, for a total of 6 Site Licenses for the Cursive Kaleidoscope E-Workbook.

How many devices can be opened per Site License?

A Site License needs to be purchased for each End User. End Users are those teachers or therapists who will be accessing the Student E-Workbook from their devices. Each End User may access their e-book site license from 3 different devices. (e.g. school computer, iPad, home computer). 

Can Student E-Workbook be downloaded/printed/emailed?

All contents of the Student E-Workbooks are copyright protected. Student E-Workbooks can not be emailed. They can also not be downloaded onto the computer for permanent storage. Neither can the pages be printed. 

When does the Site License Expire?

Site Licenses are good for one year. Upon purchase, the purchaser will specify the Start Date for the End Users. End Users are those teachers or therapists who will be accessing the e-book from their devices. The Start Date can be delayed from the date of purchase to coincide with the beginning of a school year or a specific month. The license to use the e-book will expire 365 days after the Start Date. Notices of expiration will be emailed to the purchaser 60 days, 30 days, and 15 days before expiration so there is no interruption in service.

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