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Replacement board©

Replacement board©

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The replacement board is the board only.

This easy and fun educational product is an excellent way to embed handwriting across the curriculum all day, every day! Use pink, yellow and blue tiles to represent Size One, Two or Three letters, respectively. Write all subject vocabulary and spelling words on the colorful tiles. While discussing the words or terms represented, note the size of the letters and the rules for that size. Play word games like Hangman, Wheel of Fortune and more during Centers or for RtI. Both the MRB and tiles have wipe-off surfaces.

A Teacher’s Choice Product

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Product Details

  • 17″ x 23″ wipe-off surface.
  • Ferrous backed. Magnets stick to it!
  • Lightweight, flexible, and portable. Comes in a 2″ round tube.
  • Easy to hang on hard surfaces. Tape to door, staple to bulletin board, magnetize to white boards or thumbtack to cork surfaces.
  • Perfect for Itinerant therapists and teachers!
  • Available individually or as part of the Writing Bundle.
  • A kid’s choice product.

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