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Second Grade Journal Book

Second Grade Journal Book

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Real OT Solutions helps parents, teachers, and educators teach handwriting with our range of scientifically proven occupational therapy products, including the workbooks for 2nd graders.

If you like our range of adaptive handwriting paper, the second-grade writing practice workbooks must be among your educational aids. We designed these simple and effective workbooks to make cursive handwriting second nature for children. Through repetitive exercise, they will be able to form perfect letters, both uppercase and lowercase, with great ease.

The workbooks for 2nd graders for preschool or elementary school make handwriting practice easier and more effective, helping children learn how to form each letter and gain confidence to keep writing until both they and their teacher are satisfied with the results.

The Best Second Grade Writing Activities for Any Kid

Using Kindergarten, First, Second, or Third Adapted Writing Paper, these second-grade writing workbooks feature black lines with thickened bottom lines. Kindergarten workbooks have two long white letterboxes inside textured backgrounds with a large space at the top of the page for drawings. First, Second, and Third Grade books include margin lines. 

Handsome covers display the writing lines inside. Grade levels are discreetly noted on the back. This writing for 2nd graders occupational therapy workbook is a Green Product. The cover is made from Post-Consumer Recyclable paper. The paper is made from sustainable Eucalyptus plants.

Teach Your Child to Write with Second Grade Writing Skills Workbooks

If you are homeschooling or you are just a proactive parent, the second-grade writing practice workbooks for kindergarten and primary school are the best choice. We have so many testimonials from parents who tried other methods with unsatisfactory results. After trying the second-grade writing activities in the SMHP program, they saw significant improvements in their children’s cursive handwriting.

Choose the Most Effective Second Grade Writing Workbooks

Real OT Solutions and our founder, Dr. Beverly Moskowitz, are committed to helping parents, teachers, and occupational therapists help children learn cursive handwriting using effective, affordable, and fun solutions and products. The workbooks for 2nd graders contain adaptive handwriting pages that guide the child’s hand in forming letters.

Please note that all ROTS products are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or recreated without the consent of Real OT Solutions. Inc. Contact us to request a personalized offer for our second grade writing activities for your preschool or school: 877-864-2010.

Product Details

  • 56 pages of our unique adapted writing paper with thickened bottom lines in each
  • Four different level books: Kindergarten, First, Second and Third
  • Coding is discretely placed on the back binding
  • Cleanest and brightest paper available
  • Printed with black lines, including margin lines for 1, 2 and 3
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