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Activity Books - Therapeutic Set®

Activity Books - Therapeutic Set®

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Therapeutic Set included 6 each of all 18 booklets.

The Activity Books follow the same sequence as the Student Workbook and are referenced on each Practice Page for students needing additional structure. This 18 book series provides printing practice for Size One upper case letters and numbers, then Size One lower case, Size Two lower case and finally Size Three inside individual and/or long letterboxes. Individual letterboxes guide letter shape and size. Instruct students to use the corners and contours of each letterbox to develop consistency of letterform and size.

Activity Books can be used to supplement curriculum or as an independent intervention.

ROTS products are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or recreated without the consent of Real OT Solutions, Inc.

Product Details

  • Series of 18 booklets
  • 16 pages of fun practice inside individual or long letterboxes
  • White letterboxes with Starting Points and Top, Dotted and thick Bottom lines

Perceptual, cognitive and motor planning challenges increase in difficulty throughout the series, including:

  • Pencil Control (A Visual-motor exercise)
  • Trace-it. Make-it. (Letter practice)
  • Shape Art (A visual closure and spatial relations activity)
  • Same Game (A visual discrimination activity)
  • Follow the Arrow (Letter practice)
  • Pathfinders (A Visual Tracking activity)
  • It’s A-Maze-ing (Visual Tracking and Problem-Solving Activity)
  • Look Up. Look Down. (A Gaze Shift Activity)
  • Design Copy (Motor Planning)
  • Dot-to-Dot (A Visual Tracking activity)
  • Line Maze (Visual Tracking and Persistence)
  • Letter Patterns (Visual Sequencing)
  • Wrong Way (Reversal, spatial relations and visual discrimination)
  • Coloring (Distal Finger Mobility. Social skills.)
  • Emphasizes 2-5 letters per book
  • Coloring pages stress themes of health, safety and community awareness
  • Completion Reward Stickers
  • Available individually or as part of the Print/Cut/Draw Success Kit
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