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Refill Test Booklets - Printing and Writing Competency Intake®

Refill Test Booklets - Printing and Writing Competency Intake®

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A comprehensive and quantitative assessment of all components and manifestations of the writing process. Scores are calculated for individual letter size, space and copying skills. Likert Scales measure Degree of Independence on tasks from ‘Dritings’ (earliest prewriting/ drawings), Unedited rough drafts, dictated spelling sentences, copied, sentences, dictated grade-level sentences, and self-generated paragraphs. Letters per minute and words per minute are tabulated for the last three. Workstation and work paper organization are scored in a 4-point rubric, considering indentation, left and right margin use, organization of the written page, erasures, space planning, desktop set-up and desk contents. Notations for available accommodations, self-advocacy, peer comparisons, physical/gestural/visual or verbal supports and more are also solicited.

Quick to Administer. Easy to score.

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