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Third Grade Journal Book

Third Grade Journal Book

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Real OT Solutions develops scientifically based products to improve third-grade writing activities. Kids with handwriting problems can use our unique third-grade writing paper to practice and improve.


Real OT Solutions offers handwriting paper designed for elementary school kids with specialized designs to improve their handwriting skills. The workbook for 3rd graders features three different lines that can help kids write letters with precision.  

Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third-grade students can use the textured background to improve handwriting. There is a large space at the top of the paper to draw as well. This third-grade writing paper also has margin lines and a handsome cover display. You can include the grade level in the note section on the back of the cover. This green product is made with post-consumer recyclable paper and sustainable Eucalyptus plants. 

How Does the Workbook Help with Third-Grade Writing Activities?

The thickened bottom line helps kids write in symmetry. The third-grade workbooks have a dotted line, and the gray line also helps kids with letter formation. It can help budding students focus on the sizing and shape of every letter as they move into cursive writing. The third-grade writing activities help kids learn about letters that only reach the middle line, such as ‘n’ and ‘m’. The journal also encourages them to practice letters that go all the way to the top, like ‘b’ or ‘h.’ 

Our 3rd-grade handwriting paper gives children a clear structure when they learn how to write. It provides a guide to ensure that all letters are written at the right height. Children can also learn how to differentiate between lowercase and uppercase letters. Writing in a tiny margin while kids are struggling to learn about the direction and shape of words can be hard; this is why our experts have developed the perfect practice paper for handwriting practice for 3rd grade. 

Buy Quality Lined Writing Paper for 3rd Grade 

Third-grade handwriting can improve immensely when you use our workbooks. Here are some benefits of our handwriting books for 3rd grade: 

  1. Help with lowercase and uppercase letters 
  2. Specialized three-line design to aid in letter formation 
  3. Space for drawings 
  4. Clear and clean margins with plenty of space to practice letters 
  5. Create fluency in writing 

Take advantage of our expert lined writing paper for 3rd grade to help children practice letter formation now!

ROTS products are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or recreated without the consent of Real OT Solutions, Inc.

Product Details

  • 56 pages of our unique adapted writing paper with thickened bottom lines in each
  • Four different level books: Kindergarten, First, Second and Third
  • Coding is discretely placed on the back binding
  • Cleanest and brightest paper available
  • Printed with black lines, including margin lines for 1, 2 and 3
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