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Collection: OT Assessments

Our progress monitoring forms present easy, quantifiable ways to note the writing progress of your students. The forms are quick to administer and easy to score.

Comprehensive and quantitative data collection and assessment of all manifestations and modules of the writing process have to be made to allow easy progress monitoring, goal writing, and re-evaluations. Some of the assessments include school-based occupational therapy assessments that are done using occupational therapy assessment tools. For instance, rubric narratives give fast and significant information on work paper and workstation organization, as well as classroom participation.

The work paper and workstation organization are recorded on a 4-point rubric, while considering indentation, erasures, organization of the written page, left and right margin use, space planning, desk contents, and desktop set-up. 

Scores for individual spacing, letter size, and copying skills are calculated for occupational therapy assessments.