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Real OT Solutions® offers professional occupational therapy products and activities for teachers and parents, including handwriting paper that will help children learn how to write in cursive.

Is your child struggling with writing? The handwriting paper by Real OT Solutions® will help children develop their writing skills. We have a diversified catalog of occupational therapy activities created for all needs, including parents who want writing paper for kids to teach them cursive writing before they go to school.

What makes our adaptive writing paper a great choice? Every product we create is based on research, experience, and best practice in occupational therapy. The adapted paper for handwriting is printable and helps preschool and elementary school kids learn how to write each letter in cursive. 

Letter Writing Paper for Kids with Different Abilities

If your child has been struggling with handwriting for a long time, maybe it’s time to get him or her handwriting practice paper. The handwriting paper by Real OT Solutions® has increased on-page space, colored spaces, and bold baselines to help your child write better. This adaptive paper for handwriting can also benefit children with visual-motor impairments or visual perceptual deficits. Whether your child is struggling with letter formation, line use, margin use, letter size, or spatial awareness, these printable pages will be of great benefit.

As a parent, you want results that you can measure and monitor over time, and this is exactly what our handwriting practice paper offers. You can compare practice sheets and see how your child’s cursive writing improves from day to day after you start using the adaptive paper.

Schools Also use Our Writing Paper for Students

If you need more proof that the adapted paper for handwriting is an effective solution, here it is: elementary and primary schools across the US rely on the lined letter writing paper for kids to teach handwriting. Moreover, comparative tests between children being taught writing using the traditional method and a group taught with adaptive handwriting paper showed similar results.

The difference is that the adaptive paper developed by Real OT Solutions is parent-friendly, as well as child-friendly, especially the case of children facing special challenges and reduced motor skills.

Meet the Professional Who Created the Adapted Paper for Handwriting!

Dr. Beverly H. Moskowitz, the CEO and President of Real OT Solutions®, understands the importance of building function, access, and participation through efficient, effective, measurable, evidence-based, affordable, and fun occupational therapy solutions. Her products have been proven to work by teachers and parents. The handwriting paper for kids is just one of these innovative products.

Whether you are a proactive parent or a teacher, we have effective, fun, and affordable solutions to help you monitor the children’s progress with cursive handwriting.

Find out more about our adapted paper for writing: 877-864-2010!