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    A pediatric Occupational Therapist for 48+ years, Dr. Bev appreciates the urgency in building function, participation, and access for students through effective, efficient, affordable, measurable, evidence-based, and fun occupational therapy solutions. 

  • Proven.  Practical.  Measurable.  Embeddable

    Best practices in handwriting align with best practices in literacy. The Size Matters Handwriting Program (SMHP) concepts, strategies, and materials work alongside the science of reading or your evidence-based approach. Learn how to help students become functional readers and legible writers.

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    August 6th & 7th

    Real OT Solutions develops evidence-based products and solutions and offers occupational therapy webinars and live workshops to teachers, therapists, and educators.

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Real OT Solutions, Inc. is your resource for evidence-based learning! We are dedicated to providing effective, efficient, affordable and fun solutions for printing, cutting, and drawing as well as continued education courses for professionals.

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