Size Matters Handwriting Program (SMHP)

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Real OT Solutions® develops scientifically proven occupational therapy solutions and products for parents and schools, including the SMHP handwriting practice for kids.

Focus on Size. Form will follow! 

The Size Matters®; Handwriting Program (SMHP) is the first instructional occupational therapy activities to shift the focus to Letter Size. When students correct errors in Letter Size, they make an immediate and measurable difference in the consistency, and therefore readability of the written page.  And it’s so easy to teach since there are only three!  That’s why we say, "When it comes to neat printing… SIZE MATTERS®!”

Everyone can use the handwriting practice books and associated materials: homeschooling parents, teachers, and schools. Our system is devised to help children learn how to print even from preschool age. It is even used successfully as handwriting therapy for stroke patients who are trying to regain their range of motion through writing.

An Occupational Therapy Handwriting System Adapted for Every User

The Size Matters®; Handwriting Program from Real OT Solutions® is evidence-based, instructional, and concept-driven. The handwriting practice for kids program allows handwriting awareness to be included across the curriculum in all grades and subjects at all times to help develop and strengthen visual-motor coordination, fine motor skills, and visual perception in preschoolers, teenagers, and struggling adults with varying abilities, motor needs, and learning challenges.  

The Size Matters®; Handwriting Program is measurable, child empowering, fun, and teacher-friendly. It has become one of the fastest ways to impact legibility and is also one of the handwriting activities that doctors use in rehabilitation therapy.

What Is Included in the Handwriting for Kids Program

The Size Matters®; Handwriting Program is a complete set of materials that improve writing abilities and allow progress monitoring. The handwriting for preschoolers, students, and adults includes:

  • Printable practice paper to learn the alphabet (print and cursive letter set)
  • Handwriting books for parents and for teachers
  • Master guide for the Size Matters Handwriting Program (SMHP)
  • Activity books (including for handwriting therapy)
  • Fun activities for kids (dice game, desktop stickers)
  • Test sheet booklet
  • Competency assessment set

What makes our handwriting therapy program effective is the fact that it is not focused on learning a font but helping kids form and write each letter correctly. 

Choose a Tested and Proven Occupational Therapy Handwriting Program

The Size Matters®; Handwriting Program’s products, handwriting books, and activities are designed by Dr. Beverly H. Moskowitz herself. She relies on research, evidence, and best practice literature. The results of this program have been tested, and it is recommended by both teachers and parents.

You can read some of the testimonies sent by our happy clients and decide for yourself if our program is the right choice for your children.

Find out more about our handwriting practice for kids: 877-864-2010!