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Beverly H. Moskowitz


CEO and President

Beverly M., occupational therapy

A pediatric Occupational Therapist for 40+ years, Dr. Bev appreciates the urgency in building function, participation and access for students through effective, efficient, affordable, measurable, evidence-based and fun occupational therapy solutions.

With a BS in OT from the University of Pennsylvania and an MS and DOT from Temple University, Bev worked in a variety of treatment settings ranging from residential facilities to private homes, clinics to schools, and habilitation centers to sheltered workshops. The easy and immediate changes Dr. Bev observed in legibility when the focus was shifted to letter size led to the development of the Size Matters Handwriting Program. Proven effective in the largest research study ever done, SMHP has quickly become a game-changer across the country. Subsequent studies continue to verify the accuracy of this approach.

In 2010, Dr. Bev launched Real OT Solutions. Her catalog of materials enables children, teachers, parents and occupational therapists to work together more successfully.

Ever in pursuit of best practices, Dr. Bev is a published author, national lecturer, member of the Advisory Boards at Temple and Salus University, and a Fellow in the American Occupational Therapy Association. She continues to mentor, research and create, and endeavors to make Real OT Solutions the go-to resource for all consumers striving to promote competence and independence in every generation.


Conferences and Workshops

bev-teachingDr. Bev is an approved provider of continuing education through the American Occupational Therapy Association. She offers onsite and distance education workshops to schools, therapy practices and individuals, including a 3-part self-study webinar series. The two full day seminars are entitled “Practical Strategies to Increase the Effectiveness, Efficiency and Impact of your School-Based Occupational Therapy Practice” and “Want Fast, Real and Lasting Changes in Handwriting? The Size Matters Handwriting Program.”

Dr. Bev is also a national lecturer with the Bureau of Education and Research, on the advisory board for Temple University and an online mentor to therapists around the world.

If your school, agency or company would like to host a one or two-day workshop, write to Bev. Workshops and webinars can be scheduled at your convenience.

Dee Burger


Educational Specialist

Nearly four decades teaching regular and special education is hardly sufficient to describe the skills Dee brings to Real OT Solutions. Her firsthand experience juggling ever-growing content, differentiating instruction, collecting data, communicating with parents, teaming with related professionals and developing daily lessons plans only begins to dent her appreciation for how hard teachers work and the difficulty in adding one more thing onto their To Do lists. Grounded in mandates to incorporate observable, measurable and evidence-based programs into today’s classrooms, Dee’s advocacy speaks to all. “Let’s be methodical, documentable and progressive…. and let’s still remember to have fun.”

Steven A. Moskowitz


Dr. Steven Moskowitz is the rare breed of health professionals whose background includes a major in economics and a passion for technology. Owner of the largest dental practice in South Philadelphia, he is the grounding for the rest of us arty visionaries or creative therapist types.

Certified SMHP Therapist and Instructor
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Moira P. Bushell


Certified SMHP Therapist and Instructor
Real Occupational Therapy Solutions Affiliate

More About Moira

(516) 241-0430

Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Moira currently works as a pediatric occupational therapist. Earning her Occupational Therapy Doctorate in 2015, Moira continues to use her knowledge and skills to serve children in a public school setting.  Her vast experience with program facilitation and passion for education make her an excellent advocate for the children.  An AOTA Emerging Leader, she works with the Pediatric Program Manager at AOTA NHQ on pediatric practice advocacy as it relates to federal and state education law and knowledge translation.  She is also serves as the Director of District Programming for Sigma Kappa Sorority and as an Area Advisor for College Panhellenics for the National Panhellenic Conference.

Contact Moira at: moira@realOTsolutions.com.

To order: http://bit.ly/ROTSMoira


Beth A. Carswell


Certified SMHP Therapist
Instructor and Real Occupational Therapy Solutions Affiliate

More About Beth

(973) 222-8324

New Jersey

Collaborative, adaptable, outside-the-box thinking pediatric Occupational Therapist with over 30 years of experience in school, clinical and private practice settings. I’m so excited to start a new chapter in my career as a Real OT Solutions, Size Matters Handwriting Program Instructor and Affiliate.  I am also certified in Sensory Integration (SIPT certification) as well as Therapeutic Listening and have been trained in several other handwriting programs. Being a natural-born communicator and very social person, I love to meet people and share ideas and suggestions. I look forward to meeting and collaborating with people from different disciplines on my professional adventure with Real OT Solutions.

Contact Beth: beth@realOTsolutions.com

To order: http://bit.ly/ROTSBeth


Chaya Gottesman


Certified SMHP Therapist
Instructor and Real Occupational Therapist Solutions Affiliate

More About Chaya


New York
Chaya is a New York State licensed occupational therapist with over 25 years of pediatric experience. She launched her private practice in 2004, turning a small Manhattan space into a compact yet fully functional sensory gym. Sensation New York has served hundreds of children aged 0-21. She is an independent provider for the NYC Department of Education. A vast number of referrals for “handwriting” led her to discover SMHP. Her naturally keen eye that sees clearly what needs to be done to improve, perfect, and streamline things makes her a perfect fit to represent the Size Matters Handwriting Program.

Contact Chaya:  Chaya@realOTsolutions.com 

To order: http://bit.ly/ROTSChaya

Jennifer Kitzmiller


Certified SMHP Therapist
Instructor and Real Occupational Therapy Solutions Affiliate

More About Jennifer

(717) 676-8126


Want to work more collaboratively with your team to help children reach their potential? Call me!! Experienced in the applied behavior analytic approach and task analysis, I’m a major advocate for the Size Matters Handwriting Program. Let me ease your transition to this effective approach so your students become neat, legible printers.

Contact Jen: Jennifer@realOTsolutions.com

To order: http://bit.ly/ROTSJen



Laura Neikrug

OTR/L and BA in Psychology

Certified SMHP Therapist and Instructor
Real OT Solutions Affiliate

More About Laura
Resourceful, Reliable, and Reflective.  Master of the Hoola Hoop Arts. I am a  School Based Occupational Therapist with 20+ years experience. As a single mother of a son with special needs, I have an inherent understanding of the capabilities and challenges of this population.  My professional background includes a B.A. in Psychology from University of the Pacific, OT Certificate from University of Pennsylvania, 20+ years experience as an OT in academic and clinical settings and a total of 5 years as a Special Education Teacher.  If you have a child with writing challenges who would benefit from a creative and fun way to improve their writing skills, contact me!  If your school district is looking for a way to embed the mechanics of writing throughout the curriculum, I would be happy to present the Size Matters Method and train your Teachers and/or OT staff.  I am currently modeling the SMHP concepts and training the OT Department and Special/Regular Education Teachers at a suburban public school district in the Chicagoland area.  

Please contact me at:
Laura Neikrug
Laura Simon Neikrug – OTR/L

Certified SMHP Instructor/Therapist
(Size Matters Handwriting Program)

Video Producer/Cooking Instructor



More About Tanya

Tanya is a forward thinking, holistic, evidence-based occupational therapist currently working in the New York City Department of Education and in Early Intervention. She has experience working with children of many ages in a variety of settings. She received her Masters in Occupational Therapy in 2016 with advanced coursework in Pediatrics and Hand Rehabilitation. She is certified in Size Matters Handwriting Program and Ayres USC Sensory Integration. She truly believes a child’s main occupation is play! This is one reason why she’s an advocate of programs like SMHP, as she has already been able to see students engage more, have fun and show immediate progress after using some of the SMHP approaches. She is excited and looking forward to expanding and sharing SMHP with more students and colleagues.


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“I have been introducing your program in two K classrooms this year and myself as well as the teachers are really LOVING it!! It’s fantastic to our students
catching on to size concepts and make great progress!!” Denise Campbell

“Next to the week long course with Jean Ayres, this is the Best Conference I have attended in 35 years as a school OT.” Eileen Bushell, Palatine School District 15, IL

“Great affordable ideas to use in the classroom.” Lesli Letke, IL

“Dr. Moskowitz really understands the day-to-day demands of working in schools and offers practical, usable suggestions for decreasing the workload and increasing satisfaction.” Nannette Clark, Somersworth, NH

“’Practical’ is the key word—thanks, Dr. Moskowitz!” Janet Wetherbee, Merrimack, NH

“Bev tailored the information to her audience. She provided a lot of common sense solutions to common classroom/school “OT issues.” Bev gave many simple-to-do activities to enhance an OT’s value to the team, simple activities to incorporate in the classroom to support the teacher and the child in their education goals. Fun and entertaining on top of informative!” Kelli O’Sullivan, Saranac Lake, NY

“An excellent seminar. Dr. Moskowitz presented dozens of useful strategies, materials and ideas. Learned a couple things never presented to me in other seminars. Thank you!” Michael Zimmerman, Port Jervis, NY

“This was one of the best seminars I have attended.” Kimberly Coons, Scotia, NY

“The second graders immediately understood the size concept and loved the dice game. It was awesome to see!” Emily Bisson, Sanford, ME

“The teachers can’t believe how quickly the kids caught on.” Tammy Murray, Worcester, MA

“I’ll never teach another method of handwriting again. The change was immediate.” Linda Fisher, Huntingdon Valley, PA

“I’ve been using the Letter Sizes with my students. The difference is incredible.” Suzanne Warnalis, Willow Grove, PA

“The students amaze me. They are highly motivated to make their letters Star-Worthy every time!” Kelly Poje, Otego, NY

“Bev rocks!” Traci Calderera, Fort Smith, AR

“This course is fantastic. I love how Bev took me through the whole process—evaluation, treatment techniques, push-in, and RTI support.” Lauren Albey, Bentonville, AR

“So today, all recharged from POTA, I decided to try out my new Size Matters handwriting techniques. I was a little skeptical because the class I wanted to pilot with is soooo low (they are a disabled kindergarten class and only had substitute teachers last year, not being able to find a full time teacher). They are so behind with letter skills, number skills, coloring, cutting, and just basic knowledge they should be demonstrating. Its frustrating for the new teacher to determine where to start. She’s great and very open minded so always asking for my opinion on what to do. I haven’t fully read your manual yet, but I remember your three rules during the presentation for capital letters (we used it for numbers today too), “don’t go above the line, don’t go below the line, NO FLOATING (wiggle hand movements included)!” The kids LOVE the song by the way, and all they want to do is get star worthy letters/numbers! I WAS SHOCKED! THEY PICKED UP ON IT SOOO FAST!!! I’m hooked! Today I just did it with some of my kids adapting as needed (tracing my lines, making the lower line thicker), they all did so great with it! They were even self correcting, and erasing without me telling them they needed to be fixed! AMAZING!” Danielle Fitzpatrick, MS, OTR/L, Orange Township Board of Education, Orange, NJ

“Beverly is a warm, wise, nurturing, effusive and funny presenter. She and her materials were highly organized, practical and meaningful. I’m highly appreciative of all the materials provided and Beverly’s generosity. As a seasoned school OTR, I felt validated and inspired. This course should be required for all entry level school-based OTRs. Thank you Bev for making me proud to be an OT!” Bernadette Wiemer, Orange, MA

“Bev tailored the information to her audience. She gave simple To Do activities to enhance an OT’s value to the team, simple activities to incorporate in the classroom. Fun and entertaining on top of informative!” Kelli O’Sullivan, Saranac Lake, NY