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3-Part Self-Study SMHP (Size Matters Handwriting Program) Webinar Series

3-Part Self-Study SMHP (Size Matters Handwriting Program) Webinar Series

The SMHP Webinar series is a comprehensive introduction to the Size Matters® Handwriting Program.  This series serves as a prerequisite for SMHP Therapist Certification. Upon registration for the full series or each individual part, viewers will receive:

  • Links to the webinar series
  • Handouts for each series
  • Course Evaluations
  • Post Tests - 10 question Multiple Choice

NOTE:  The Post Test should be completed online and will be automatically scored.  

Upon successful completion of the Post Test, earning of score of 70% or above, the participant will be sent a Certificate for the post test taken.

Webinar Part 1 - Introduction Webinar Part 2 - Implementation Options Webinar Part 3 -  Data Collection and Accommodations
2 hours.  Earn .2 CEUs.  2.5 hours.  Earn .25 CEU. 2.5 hours.  Earn .25 CEUs.

A Push-in Collaborative lesson



Pullout Therapeutic Intervention

Theories and Research Stand Alone full curriculum Progress Monitoring 
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